july 25th the first site wide event will launch after the AC! stay tuned for more details <3

july 25th july ac is live! [LINK] remember to post in the check to save your roster!

july 1st our second activity check is over! remember: if you lost a character in the activity check, you can reclaim them here: [LINK]

june 08 kadath now has a bestiary! [LINK] have a monster idea? add them!

june 07 new skin! please pm ysa with any noticeable issues

custom forum structure by black @ code. skin and sidebar by lauz @ shine. banner image by alex andreev. CODE TAG BY JAWN. mini profile by ree at shine. custom profile page by AKASHUIA at shine. original concept and the world of the kadath by KABAL.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abisage Players 6-July 17 0
Addy Players 10-April 17 3
Aega Players 8-June 17 0
Aeon Players 28-May 17 0
Ahri + Inactive 8-April 17 2
Ahzek Ahriman Lawful_Evil 12-April 17 13
Aizawa Shouta + Inactive 9-May 17 18
Alamber Di'cikeys Members 19-August 17 1
Alex Mercer Chaotic_Good 22-July 17 5
Alex Wesker Neutral_Evil 22-July 17 6
Alphonse Elric Members 18-May 17 1
Amélie Lacroix* Inactive 24-June 17 3
Ana Amari Members 13-August 17 1
Angela Ziegler Neutral_Good 12-April 17 32
Aqua* Inactive 19-May 17 8
Archer* Inactive 30-May 17 4
Ardyn Izunia Neutral_Evil 3-June 17 14
Ari Players 8-August 17 1
Artorias The Abysswalker Members 3-May 17 1
Audient Void Admin 1-May 15 142
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