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 New Place, Familiar Face, Tag: Angela/Fuzzy
Mei-Ling Zhou
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 10:41 AM
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Mei-Ling Zhou
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You're a lifesaver

It had been a long, long time since Mei last lingered in a harshly-lit hospital waiting room. The plastic seating could scarcely be described as ergonomic and the little adventurer shifted and squirmed, trying to find a comfortable position. Her discomfort ran deeper than the physical however, haunted as she was by the vague and unsettling memory of being pulled from cryostasis. Here, in this clinical setting, she couldn’t hope to escape the ghosts of friends and colleagues who persisted in the shadowy peripheries of her mind. Mei recalled her alarm, awakening to find herself surrounded by strangers, whose voices boomed and echoed as though underwater. The pale Antarctic light was dazzling, the sting of her rescuers’ needles bright and hot, the taste of tablets bitter on her tongue. More than that, she remembered later asking to make peace with those who did not survive.

With a blanket draped over her narrow shoulders, she had padded her way into the cold storeroom, newly made into a makeshift morgue. Her friends were swaddled too, sheets drawn up over their still-thawing remains. MacReady’s capable, engineering hands had turned black, his strong fingers knotted and gnarled, as though he had died in terrible pain. Frost had eaten its way into Opara’s face, the woman’s ground-breaking technology failing her in the hour of greatest need; her lips had deteriorated, receding to reveal sneering teeth that, until then, Mei had only seen when the kind-hearted woman smiled wide and joyful.

Despite the heat of the crowded waiting area, Mei’s face paled. This entire ward seemed to be dedicated to the newcomers to this strange place – to Kadath, she corrected herself inwardly. The researcher had already removed her utility belt and thick gloves, stuffing them unceremoniously into the huge backpack that sat on the floor, propped against her heavy winter boots. Snowball chirped happily in her lap, content with being petted and seemingly oblivious to his creator’s sorrow.

It was almost a relief when she was called. The medical check proved extensive and invasive, though undeniably necessary. Mei’s medical history was diligently recorded by the attending physician, a haggard and exhausted-looking young man whose feverish scrawl – when the climatologist stole a cheeky peek at his notes – appeared barely legible. Still, she could decipher recordings of her height and weight, the latter falling at the upper end of the healthy range for an Asian woman. It was to be expected, when one combined a strong body with considerable curves and a love of food.

The physician nodded along when she explained she had previously suffered a fracture of her right femur, a concussion and several broken ribs after suffering a fall climbing Mount Hua. It had been years ago, and never caused any lasting issues save for the occasional dull ache in her thigh when stormy weather rolled in. He frowned when she detailed how she had spent almost a decade in cryostasis but, after asking a few questions, seemed to take the newcomer at her word. Bloods were then drawn and Mei was sent back to the waiting area with a white plaster in the crux of her elbow and lurid pink lollipop in hand – she had asked for one, undeterred by the fact that they were normally reserved for younger patients. Which indicated to her that it wasn’t only adults who found themselves pulled into Kadath.

The examination had distracted Mei’s attention from morbid thoughts and so she sat in relative contentment, enjoying the fruity taste of the candy while her eyes skimmed curiously over those around her, wondering idly where they had all come from. After a time, her gaze was drawn towards a large noticeboard on the wall. It was adorned with posters and print-offs, advertising various services and clinics, as well as detailing the hospital staff active this shift. It would have proved unremarkable, and something worth little more than a passing glance, if Mei’s earthy shades hadn’t snagged on a familiar name: Dr. Angela Ziegler.

Hope and excitement blossomed within Mei and she immediately jumped on her feet, just as the overworked doctor peered around his office door, informing the climatologist of something she already knew – that her results were clear – and that she was free to leave. Where her original plan had been to go to one of the hostels that accommodated newcomers until they established themselves in Kadath, to shower and rest and try to feel normal again, the name on the noticeboard had changed everything.

Slinging her burdensome backpack over her shoulder, Mei plucked the lollipop from her mouth to beam at the little blue android who hovered in the air at her side. “We have to check, we have to be sure.” Snowball couldn’t read, and thus couldn’t possibly know what his creator meant by that, but still warbled excitedly. With a cheerful giggle, the little adventurer took her leave of the claustrophobic waiting room, and began her exploration of the hospital’s clinical and bustling corridors.

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alice in wonderland.

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