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May 13 2017, 05:28 AM
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Herpderp. Skype/Discord. -5 GMT.

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Kakashi Hatake


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My life? Not a question I usually get asked, but why not. I've got some time on my hands, just keep in mind that I might have to leave out a few details here and there.<br><br>

I should probably start things off at the beginning. It's not a topic I really talk about all that often, but if you don't mind humoring me for a minute it's one relevant to everything that follows after the fact. I never knew my mother very well. That might come off as a bit blunt but there really isn't any other way to put it - she had passed away only a year or two after I'd been born, and I'll be honest in admitting that my memory doesn't go back quite that far. What I do remember, though, is my father, Hatake Sakumo, and for better or worse he was the defining figure for my early life. By the time I turned four and entered the Academy he had not only raised me as a single father but had become a role model of a sort - revered by the village in general for his exploits and held in high esteem by his peers.<br><br>

Most of that was turned on its head pretty quickly not too long after I'd enrolled. It's fairly common knowledge for my generation and the older one, but things were different during those years. Harsher. The start of war had been hinted at for a handful of years by that point, and every mission had consequences then. So when the results of my father's latest mission at the time came back... I don't think anyone was ready for what we got. I know I wasn't. Knowing what I do now I can't exactly fault him for the decisions he made, but at the time the news that my father had deliberately put the village at risk to save a handful of people was nothing short of a shock, completely unexpected for someone with his reputation. And as well intentioned as it might have been the consequences from that mission's failure quickly caused not only the village but the people my father had saved to turn against him, and not long after that the man committed suicide rather than live with the shame.<br><br>

It forced me to reevaluate. To take another look at the man following his death, and at the time my feelings on the matter were mixed. I had held the man up on a pedestal before then, and I don't necessarily think it was wrong to do so. He was my father, and had worked to instill his values in me as I grew older. But seeing someone held so high fall so fast felt wrong, and I didn't understand why. In spite of what the Academy taught me and what I thought I knew of the world, in my naivete I convinced myself that he had made a mistake and paid for it, that his decision to not place the village ahead of individual lives as the Academy had been teaching us to do had been wrong. Back then it hadn't occurred to me that there might not have been a correct choice for him to make, and it was a foolish assumption to make based on a very black and white view of the world and how it worked.<br><br>

In the end it shaped me as a shinobi in those early years. Even before graduating the Academy I made the decision to avoid the mistakes he had made, to be the ideal shinobi in every sense of the word - to never break the rules that my father had. A few people have attributed my graduation at the age of five after only a year to talent, but more than anything I feel it was hard work. The motivation to repair the damage that my father had done to the family name, and that wasn't something that could be done with where I was at the time. There's a thin line between motivation and obsession, though, and the irony isn't lost on me that a lot of our later problems can probably be traced back to me being too smart for my own good.<br><br>

Team assignments following graduation are almost always calculated. Done to bring out the best of their students during the beginning careers as genin, and ours was no different. In hindsight it feels rather obvious that Minato-sensei saw right through all of us. He knew who he was dealing with, and the baggage each of us was carrying. The first clue honestly should have been the bell test he gave us on the first day. It was clear that he was holding back - even by that point the man was renowned within Konoha as one of their strongest, and there was no way any of us stood a chance against him alone. From there it was pretty easy to figure out what the point of the test was. Even though there were only two bells, something done to try and divide the students against one another, Minato was trying to force us to work as a team, at which point he would allow us to claim them. Even in spite of that realization, though, the only thing I wanted was to win, and I didn't care how I did it. The end result basically just amounted to me using Rin and Obito to pass the exam, and their success was just an unintended bonus at the time.<br><br>

The year after that was a fairly busy one. We might have passed the test that Minato-sensei had set for us, but I didn't exactly make things easy after that point. Going back to what I said earlier about obsession, my focus on success and following the rules created a fair bit of friction. As a team we managed to complete a fair number of missions in that time, more than most our age ever did under our sensei's guidance, but Obito and I tended to butt heads fairly often. It wasn't that I held any ill will against him but I don't think Obito saw it that way, and while he made a point to try and catch up to me I did everything in my power to keep improving simply for its own sake. Minato-sensei would eventually turn it into something more constructive as time went on, but even after we passed the Chunin Exams only a year later it wasn't a problem that was fixing itself. The only immediate positive to come out of the second half of that year was meeting Might Gai during the exams.<br><br>

In many ways I did manage to accomplish the initial goal that I had set for myself during my days in the Academy. In the six years since passing the Chunin Exams I had managed to be promoted to the rank of Jonin by the age of twelve, and those continued successes had brought at least some small amount of meaning back to my family name. In that time, though, the world had turned into a much more chaotic place following the start of the Third Shinobi War. The three of us continued to serve under Minato-sensei, but by that point we were a full fledged operations squad, typically employed as a rapid response unit due to our sensei's more unique talents. As the war grew worse and our numbers became stretched increasingly thin due to fighting both Iwagakure and Kumogakure on two fronts things would eventually reach the point where we were being deployed to entirely different locations, leaving me in charge of the squad as the highest ranking member. As the war drew to a close we were eventually given an assignment meant to cut off Iwagakure's supply lines across the smaller neutral nations between Hi no Kuni and Tsuchi no Kuni, leaving their front lines cut off and exposed.<br><br>

I'm not proud of the things I did that day, and in hindsight a lot of the mistakes I made could have been easily avoided if I hadn't been so close minded.<br><br>

Part of me always will wonder why Minato-sensei left me in charge. Despite being sent elsewhere he accompanied us at least partway to the bridge we were supposed to destroy, and the first hint that I wasn't ready for the responsibility of leading others should have been when I made a rookie mistake trying to kill an enemy scout with a new, untested jutsu. One dangerous enough that Minato-sensei felt he had to order me not to use it again after correcting my mistake and eliminating the scout himself after my failed attempt. While I took his words under advisement it was a mistake that should have told me how out of my depth I really was, although I'm not sure how much good that would have done. We were too close to where we needed to be, and if we didn't complete our mission it would've meant dire consequences for the front lines - the very fact that our usual squad leader was being sent there to help shore up the defenses gave a solid idea of exactly how bad things were there.<br><br>

I never really understood how much my father's actions had shaped me until that day. The first scout that Minato-sensei had dealt with should have been a warning sign. The other hidden villages all share a few things in common, and three man teams are the cornerstone of most shinobi operations, the perfect balance of mobility, stealth and firepower. I'm not sure exactly why we failed to take that into account or why we assumed that the first scout was the only immediate threat, but it cost us when the two remaining shinobi caught us in an ambush. Rather than simply remove us from the equation they made the smart play, taking Rin captive with the intent to gather intelligence on us. Who we were, what we were capable of and why we were there.<br><br>

Our team fell apart. I was so focused on following the rules that my first priority was the mission. With Rin taken it was only a matter of time before Iwagakure's shinobi knew about our mission and Konoha's intent to take out their supply line, and once that news got out it would be impossible for a small infiltration team like ourselves to complete it. Iwa shinobi would harden their defenses around the bridge enough that it would take a major assault to break through and destroy it, and the village simply didn't have enough people to spare for that. It was entirely likely that Rin would be kept alive until they had what they wanted, and that left us time to complete our mission and then go back for her once that was done.<br><br>

When Obito made his intentions to rescue Rin first clear it was that line of thought that I clung to at first, and after a short argument he would go off to find her while I went my own way to try and finish what we went there to do. I didn't get far. As strong as my convictions were, something Obito had said shook them. It's a difficult thing to explain and put into words, even this many years later, but to hear that there was at least one person out there who viewed my father's actions in a different light... it changed things. As had the years I'd spent alongside Obito and Rin, even if I hadn't realized it myself until then. My only real regret now is that I hadn't come around to that way of thinking sooner - if I had, things might have turned out very differently.<br><br>

Things got ugly fast. The details aren't overly important, but the end results would change all of us. Obito and I accomplished our goal in getting Rin back safely, and if that had been all there was to come out of it the entire experience would have been a net benefit. Because of my shortcomings, though, I managed to lose my left eye during the rescue attempt, and that created a blind spot allowing for additional injuries later on during our escape. The only reason I'm here today is because Obito took to heart a lesson I should have learned years ago, sacrificing himself to keep me alive. Moreover, he gave me his left eye to replace the one I had lost in the fighting. While Minato-sensei would eventually arrive from the front lines to pull Rin and I out of there, neither of us walked away from the experience without scars to show for it. Obito was dead because of my hesitation. We eventually completed our mission before reinforcements would arrive, but more importantly I made a promise to him when he was trapped under those rocks. One I intended to keep moving forward.<br><br>

It probably shouldn't have come as too big of a surprise that the promise I'd made turned out to be a bit harder to keep than anticipated. Then again I doubt anyone really expects any village to use one of their Biju as a suicide bomber, much less create a Jinchuriki using an enemy shinobi. When Kirigakure managed to capture Rin not long after the mission to Kannabi Bridge I'll admit that it wasn't a possibility I considered. It ran counter to all conventional logic, but I guess that was the point. At the time I didn't want to think too hard about how easy it had been to get her back even with Minato-sensei's help since it was all we could manage to stay ahead of Kirigakure's pursuit. Rin was perfectly aware of what was happening. I wasn't about to break the promise I had made before, though, and was too focused on that to notice anything out of place.<br><br>

There's only so much you can do to protect people from themselves, though. I hadn't considered just how far Rin was willing to go. When the shinobi tracking us from Kirigakure finally caught up, all of my attention was focused on them. Not on Rin, and she took advantage of that at the first opportunity she got. I... admit, I don't really remember the specifics of what happened afterwards. I had used Raikiri, Rin got in the way, an- I don't know. I must have lost consciousness at some point, because when I woke up everyone was dead. All of the people that Kirigakure had sent after us, Rin. And I'm generally not one for poetry, but part of myself was left there that day.<br><br>

Whatever plans I had afterwards never happened, though. The Yondaime had different things in mind for me. While the exact details are classified I would be assigned to one of the ANBU units under his direct command. The following year would be a busy one to say the least, although ironically one of the easiest since my days in the Academy. The only notable regret during that time was during the Kyubi's attack towards the end of the year, with most of my generation barred from helping with the Konoha's defense. Not that it overly mattered in the end as the involvement of both the Yondaime and Sandaime Hokages kept casualties to a minimum, and most of the damage limited to buildings near the village outskirts. The Yondaime's passing didn't exactly help matters, though. By that point he was all I really had left to tie me to my old team, and I really didn't take his death well. I got involved with a few of the wrong people, to say the least.<br><br>

Things after that got a bit tangled, but that's more or less par for the course with anything involving Orochimaru. It was around that point that he decided to leave the village, and cleaning up the messes he left behind took time. To make matters even more complicated would be the Uchiha clan's schism and the work required to clean things up on that front only a year or two after that. And while I can't exactly claim to have enjoyed my work within ANBU, I was good at it. Good enough that I felt we were making a real difference. So when the Sandaime ordered me off of the squad I wasn't entirely sure what to think. My first impression was that I had slipped up, missed a crucial detail during a mission or made a mistake somewhere. As rewarding as it was the work was equally demanding, and it wouldn't have been that hard to have missed something. The bigger surprise came when the Hokage told me why he had reassigned me, and what my new role would be.<br><br>

I'll be honest in saying that I had never wanted to take charge of a genin team. Most of the other shinobi from my generation who were still alive by this point had already done so with varying degrees of success, but I'd deliberately avoided it by hiding behind my work in the ANBU. As per usual, it seemed that the old man had seen right through that, but I had been counting on him sharing the same opinion that I did. While I had been a Captain during my years as an ANBU, everyone in that group was self sufficient, able to take care of themselves. They could be trusted to carry out tasks and think for themselves, and more importantly we had all shared the same values and priorities. It had ensured that we all worked as parts of a larger machine, regardless of our individual thoughts or motivations.<br><br>

The rank and file shinobi teams aren't nearly so organized, and the last time I was allowed to take charge of such a group it got them killed. Obito and Rin had both been my fault. I'd gotten too personally involved in both of the events surrounding their deaths, and it was due to my personal shortcomings that they happened. Not something I'd want to risk with another team, and I'd sort of been hoping that the Hokage would share my opinion on the matter.<br><br>

In the end the reassignment went through, even in spite of my protests. And while I ended up using the same test that Minato-sensei had used to determine whether or not my own team had been fit as genin, I won't lie. I was harsh. While there wasn't anything I could do about the job I had been given I had no intention of doing things halfway. The Academy hadn't properly equipped me with the skills or mindset that I needed to best benefit my team mates and the village as a whole, and for better or worse I couldn't help but feel that Minato-sensei's decision to pass us when I had been clearly using Obito and Rin for my own benefit was a mistake. One I had no intention of making myself. If I took on students it would only be when they were ready, not before. Anything less than that would've been irresponsible at best and negligent at worst.<br><br>

The first handful of years after that were something of a blank period. None of the teams that the Academy sent me at first were anywhere near ready. Too many of them were as focused on individual success as I had been, and a fair few willing to use their team mates just as I had. All that was really left for me to do over those years was continue my own self improvement, and to keep an eye on the classes coming up and through the Academy. Eventually at least a few of them would be sent my way, and I wanted to know who I was dealing with before actually meeting them.<br><br>

I never imagined that the group to finally pass my little test was probably the biggest group of misfits I had gotten from the Academy. Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto. While none of them knew me from before that point I was already fairly familiar with at least two of them, if only through being well acquainted with their family members. And, surprising as the assignment was, their quirks brought another sense of familiarity to the table in that it wasn't hard to see a bit of my own team in each of them. If nothing else it went a long way towards explaining why the group had been assigned to me rather than another Jonin, but it also meant that I had my work cut out for me.<br><br>

Haruno Sakura had a normal enough life and was about what you might've expected from that kind of upbringing, but Naruto and Sasuke were an entirely different matter. Naruto was enough like Obito that it wasn't hard to see a rivalry between him and Sasuke, and the latter presented a much more pressing issue. I saw the same obsession in him that I had at his age, and I knew what that could do to a team. While he had passed my initial standards, the fact remained that it was a situation that would require careful observation in the future.<br><br>

They were a bit rough around the edges, but functioned well enough as a team. A bit of a rocky start to be sure, but after a few months they'd shown enough improvement that I figured it time to give them slightly more challenging work in taking on C rank missions. If that worked out well for a while, eventually work our way up to B rank if their skills had improved enough. The mission given to us looked like a simple enough one at a glance. All it involved was guiding an architect back to his hometown, far enough away to be reasonably concerned about bandits and highway robbery.<br><br>

Our first encounter made it rather clear that Tazuna had left out a few key details when he had hired Konoha for an escort. Generally speaking mission ranks are assigned based on both their importance to the village and respective threat level. C rank missions normally are well within the ability of a single genin team, and are usually no more dangerous than defending against armed attackers with minimal training. Involving enemy shinobi completely changes that dynamic, and places it far beyond the abilities of any Academy graduates. For what it was worth the shinobi to attack us weren't much better than genin themselves, though, and dealt with easily enough. I exactly wasn't happy about being lied to, but we were far enough away from Konoha that it was easier to complete the job we had been assigned than it was to head back.<br><br>

I understood the politics of the situation well enough after it had been explained at length, but I'd underestimated exactly how desperate Gato was to keep his hold on the local businesses or how much he was willing and able to pay to keep it that way. At the very least I'd never expected to encounter someone like Momochi Zabuza on what I would've assumed to be a B rank mission from the earlier attack. A few years prior to that point it wouldn't have been an unbalanced fight, but the last few years spent away from the front lines and off of active duty left me more out of shape than I realized. Zabuza's biggest mistake was admittedly one that I didn't see coming, either. He had me dead to rights, but Naruto and Sasuke managed to throw him off balance long enough for me to take advantage of the opening they'd created and drive him off.<br><br>

The fight left me drained, and realizing that things needed to change. I wasn't fit enough to do the job I needed to, and that meant I would have to spend as much time regaining my edge as I was guiding my team when we got back to Konoha. Gato would make one final attempt to kill Tazuna before we left, but without the advantage of a surprise attack it proved to be a far more even fight the second time around. The final fight claimed both Zabuza and Haku's lives, but not before the former took Gato with him.<br><br>

Events following that mission started to move at a rather brisk pace. While I'd been unsure about them at first, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke went above and beyond their station in Nami no Kuni. They weren't quite where my team had been by their age, but they were close enough that I was willing to put their names forward for the Chunin Exams. At the very least confident enough that they would survive the experience, if admittedly not pass it, but if nothing else it would be a learning experience and an invaluable chance for them to grow. Thankfully my gamble would pay off, at least for the most part. The first two exams would go off without a hitch, but the second would present an unwelcome complication.<br><br>

Orochimaru's return presented a few unsettling implications. Aside from not knowing exactly how he got inside of the village undetected there was no way to know why he came back, what his endgame was. By the end of the second exam all I knew was that Sasuke had his attention, enough to warrant placing a curse mark on his neck. It wasn't something that could be left to chance, and the first opportunity I got to seal it I took it. Not ideal, but it was the best I could manage at the time and would hold so long as Sasuke consciously avoided drawing from the mark to empower himself.<br><br>

Beyond that the rest of the exams continued as planned. While Jiraiya took up the task of tutoring Naruto between the first and second tournament phases the job of looking after Sasuke would fall to me. The curse mark on Sasuke's neck changed things. There was really no telling how far he was willing to go to find and kill his brother, and his singleminded focus made that curse mark incredibly dangerous. If he was pushed into a corner I didn't doubt he'd use it, and the only immediate solution I had was to try and help him grow stronger on his own merits, enough that the curse mark would never tempt him. It was a reckless move in hindsight, and I taught him more than I probably should have during those weeks before the final tournament.<br><br>

By the time that day arrived, though, Orochimaru was finally ready to play his hand. Even with their reputation, though, I don't think anyone quite expected how far one of the Sannin were willing to go for their goals. In all of the confusion I wound up stuck at the stadium dealing with the immediate threat to the civilians there, and the full extent of what happened only became apparent after the dust had settled. While the Sandaime managed to drive Orochimaru away his manipulation of Sunagakure resulted in heavy casualties on both sides, and Jiraiya was only able to do so much in preventing his summon at the village gates from damaging the surrounding buildings.<br><br>

On a more personal note, the battle with Suna's Jinchuriki only served to drive Sasuke closer to the edge that I'd been trying to pull him away from.<br><br>

In the end it didn't work. Either I didn't get to him early enough, or the curse seal changed him in ways that I wasn't able to anticipate. Maybe the temptation of power that Orochimaru put in front of him was too much to resist after Uchiha Itachi came to Konoha looking for Naruto, or Sasuke saw it as the only way to move forward and to keep pace with Naruto, to surpass him. Whatever the case, it happened, and by the time we were aware of the fact it was over. Itachi's earlier visit had put me out of commission for most of those events, and by the time I was awake again and out of the hospital the best I could do was find and retrieve Naruto.<br><br>

It's been three long years since then. Mistakes have been made, and there's no way of knowing what might have prevented them. What I do know is that I've had three years to improve with other teachers training my students, and three years to come up with ways to correct those mistakes.

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<div class="title">Operative:</div>
Exceptionally talented, Kakashi is beyond adept in a great many skills suited to espionage as a shinobi. While his ability to disguise himself in both traditional and unconventional methods is of particular note, above all else Kakashi's most potent innate ability is his ability to process information. In his world the ability to analyze an opponent on the fly and with minimal information often was the difference between life and death, as was using limited information on a larger strategic scale. Likewise the acquisition of information was often given top priority as well, ensuring that those trained in the shinobi arts were particularly well equipped to do so.

<div class="title">Chakra Control:</div>
Born with average chakra reserves at best, the majority of Kakashi's career has been spent improving his control to address that shortcoming. To say that he has succeeded in this endeavor is an understatement. Able to masterfully manage his chakra even in the heat of combat, Kakashi is not only capable of truly impressive feats of control and technique micromanagement but able to use the bare minimum of chakra required for any given technique in his massive arsenal, allowing the man an impressive degree of staying power and endurance. As evidenced by his ability to use the Rasengan, Kakashi's aptitude for shape transformation is also top notch, allowing for fairly creative modifications and adaptations of existing ninjutsu to suit his needs at any given moment.

<div class="title">Hand Seal Mastery:</div>
Directly tied into his heightened level of chakra control, Kakashi's aptitude for weaving hand seals is world class. Capable of weaving multiple seals within a single second and even performing a handful of high level ninjutsu without the use of seals at all, this grants Kakashi a distinct tactical advantage when facing off against other ninjutsu users.<p>

<div class="title">Taijutsu Proficiency:</div>
While most notably known for his feats and mastery of ninjutsu, Kakashi is nearly as proficient in his use of taijutsu. Easily strong enough to wield the Kubikiribōchō with a single hand and fast enough to fight the vast majority of taijutsu specialists on even footing, Kakashi's natural talent, ability to copy physical movements and long standing rivalry with Might Gai place his level of skill and speed in the discipline far beyond most shinobi, focusing on quick deflections and precision strikes to disable opponents. More tellingly, Kakashi has been confirmed to be capable of opening at least the first of the Hachimon.<p>

<div class="title">Genjutsu Proficiency:</div>
While not a skill used quite as often as ninjutsu or taijutsu, Kakashi has still demonstrated an impressive degree of ability in this field as well. Even without the use of the Sharingan Kakashi has proven himself adept at recognizing, deconstructing and freeing himself from illusions as well as casting genjutsu on others. With the Sharingan, however, the man is elevated to a completely different threat level, able to cast illusions on people and render individuals unable to defend themselves against such attacks unconscious with only a moment of direct eye contact.<p>

<div class="title">Ninjutsu Mastery:</div>
Kakashi's bread and butter, and the skill he is most well known for. Able to utilize four of the five elemental releases (Suiton, Katon, Doton and Raiton), Kakashi's ability to quickly and effortlessly weave them into his taijutsu and chain them one after another makes the man an incredibly difficult opponent to deal with. Likewise, Kakashi's understanding of ninjutsu as an art makes him incredibly dangerous largely due to his vast arsenal of techniques and his unique ability to chain multiple different elemental releases within moments of each other. Where most opponents would assume to have an advantage in drawn out fights due to Kakashi's average chakra reserves, prolonging battles tends to simply grant him additional chances to pick apart and find weaknesses in his opponent's techniques.<p>

<div class="title">The Copy Ninja:</div>
Kakashi's trump card. Noted even by Uchiha Itachi to be incredibly skilled in his use of the kekkei genkai, the Sharingan given to him by Obito has long since become the most powerful weapon in his arsenal. Having mastered both aspects of the dojutsu - both the Saimingan and the Dōsatsugan - the man has developed a unique talent for copying techniques on the fly, using passive genjutsu to slow his opponent's actions while simultaneously copying and eventually outpacing them. In addition to allowing Kakashi the ability to see through illusions, chakra and the heightened level of detail and awareness that all Sharingan users enjoy, Kakashi has also become incredibly adept at not only casting genjutsu specific to the kekkei genkai but also using it to reflect illusory techniques cast on him. The eye comes with one major weakness, however, in that it cannot be turned off due to Kakashi not being an Uchiha by blood. This inherent incompatibility also causes the eye to use chakra faster than it normally would, making it a double edged sword in prolonged fights.<p>

<div class="title">Mangekyo Sharingan:</div>
An advanced evolution of the basic dojutsu, the Mangekyo Sharingan was awakened during Rin's successful attempt at suicide. While its use is limited due to possessing only one of the two eyes, Kakashi can still use it to cast the potent Kamui technique. In addition to using dangerously high levels of chakra and putting incredible strain on his body every use of the Mangekyo Sharingan causes the eye's vision to slowly deteriorate, eventually resulting in blindness with enough use.<p>

<div class="title">Raikiri:</div>
Kakashi's one and only original technique and derived from his master's own original creation, the Rasengan. Utilizing the Raiton element, Raikiri is notable for two things, first and foremost its speed. Used properly, Raikiri is nearly impossible for the average person to use due to both requiring precise aim as well as the tunnel vision effect blinding the user to surrounding threats - it wasn't until the acquisition of his Sharingan that Kakashi himself was able to use it, and by extension the technique cannot be used without it. Secondly, however, is the technique's sheer power. Most S rank ninjutsu are ranked as such due to either a lack of counters or methods to break the techniques, or due to their sheer destructive potential and ability to wipe out large numbers of enemy combatants at once. Raikiri possesses neither attribute, but rather focuses all of the destructive potential of an S ranked technique into a single point. As a result there are very few things able to actually stop the technique once it is initiated and if it remains on target, and on several occasions it has proven able to penetrate multiple defensive barriers and even other offensive techniques while retaining enough power to kill its intended target. While the technique originally required a long series of hand seals that would leave Kakashi vulnerable, uses following the three years after Jiraiya's departure have demonstrated that Kakashi is capable of using the technique simply given enough will and focus, likely thanks to his familiarity with it and the parent technique.<p>

<div class="title">Weaknesses:</div>
Despite his vast skill set and practically superhuman feats, Kakashi is not without a number of weaknesses. Endurance has always been an issue for him. While able to physically stay in a fight for hours in the traditional sense, rapid, repeated use of powerful ninjutsu and genjutsu can cut that time down to less than an hour with heavy use. In worst case scenarios where his Sharingan becomes involved that was often cut down to minutes, and while his stamina has improved to the point of mitigating the chakra drain with the base Sharingan a mere one or two uses of the Mangekyo can leave him unable to move from exhaustion. If pressed further than that it can and will kill him. Additionally, from a physiological standpoint Kakashi is still human, and any wound to a vital organ such as the heart or brain will kill him immediately - by extension he can still get sick just the same as anyone else, and will be debilitated just the same. Finally, while his Sharingan does grant a fair degree of protection - far more than most can say -
against illusions, techniques powerful enough can still overcome his ability to counter them, although such skills/techniques are few and far between.<p>




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