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Audient Void
 Posted: Nov 10 2016, 12:38 PM
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The ICC or In-Character Chatbox is a fun feature on New Game to allow immediate, fast paced, script based rp. Taking on a semi-canon bend, the ICC can be used for fun side-show rps, to test out how characters interact or even to try out characters who you've only just been considering apping! That's right; you can use the ICC even if your character hasn't been approved yet (though for only a limited amount of time, of course!).

In character, the ICC exists in a special 'nexus' that can be found through the subway system. A large, three story meeting place, the ICC comes equipped with a kitchen, a bar area, beds in the upper loft and a variety of other amenities; several people could easily live here comfortably. Through it's two entrances, you can find easy access to either Upper Kadath (on the third floor's entrance) or Lower Kadath (at the second floor's entrance). Any damages done to the ICC slowly regenerate over time, meaning that even if an intense battle wrecked the whole of the area, it would only be a few hours before the room was restocked and restored, good as new.


  • The ICC should not replace forum posting; should it begin to, sanctions will be placed on it's use

  • Characters who do not have a profile approved yet can interact with characters in the ICC; however, they only have three days to do so. This is so that rpers can give potential characters a try before deciding if they should be apped or not and also to give other rpers an idea of those characters.

  • The ICC is semi-canon; for the most part, what 'sticks' or not onto board canon is up to the rpers in question. However, ICC sessions are canon towards other ICC sessions unless the rper would rather retcon their own character's actions.

  • The same rules that apply to board ettiquette apply to ICC posting

  • Be sure to use a 100x100 sized avatar for use as your character!

  • The ICC is not a solo zone for your clique; rp is expected to be inclusive within the realms this is reasonable.

  • If the need arises, a Private ICC may be installed later down the line to allow for individual character interactions without un-related characters potentially stumbling in. Until then though, the ICC is public.


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