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 Sora, Kingdom Hearts || Djura
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 05:15 PM
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in you and I,

there's a new land

On the night that Sora was born on the Destiny Islands, a strange thing happened. Two visitors arrived from another world: an old man and a dying boy.

The old man was Master Xehanort, a Keyblade master who sought to unlock the secrets of the universe by first unlocking the secrets of the human heart. The boy was Ventus, Xehanort’s apprentice, who was dying as a result of those experiments. His heart was broken in two; Xehanort had torn the darkness out of it, leaving behind only light. But Ventus couldn’t survive with only half a heart. Out of mercy, Xehanort had brought him to the Destiny Islands to die in peace. But a newborn heart - Sora’s heart, innocent and unbroken - reached out to Ventus’ shattered one, and shared its strength. The two became bonded as one, and Ventus survived.

(Four years later, a terrible fate would befall Ventus regardless: he sacrificed himself to save all the worlds from the man he once called Master. His heart returned to its old refuge, and to this day Sora unknowingly carries Ventus’ heart sleeping inside him. To Sora, Ventus was nothing more than an odd dream, or an imaginary friend he had when he was small. But that first night would shape his destiny forever.)

Sora grew up fearless and bright-eyed and full of joy, unaware of the light of a Keyblade warrior shining within him. He had many friends, but best of all of them was Riku. Riku was a year older than Sora: taller, stronger, and a friendly rival in almost everything. While Sora had Ventus, another Keyblade warrior named Terra had promised Riku a different destiny: that someday he would wield his own Keyblade and travel among the stars, seeing other worlds. Later, a newcomer would enter their lives: Kairi, a lost girl from a faraway world that had fallen to darkness. For nearly ten years, Sora, Riku, and Kairi were completely inseparable.

When Sora was fourteen, Riku began making plans to leave the island. The trio built a raft, collecting supplies for a long journey. But a terrible storm struck the island that night. Consumed by a desire to see other worlds, and manipulated by a mysterious figure, Riku had opened a door that connected Destiny Islands to other worlds… and unwittingly allowed darkness to enter and consume the world. The island was overrun by strange monsters called Heartless.

Because Riku’s heart was overshadowed, the Keyblade that should have been his went to Sora. When the Heartless attacked, the Keyblade appeared in Sora’s hand, giving him the power to fight back. But it was too late: the Destiny Islands were swallowed up by darkness, and Riku and Kairi with them.

Sora awoke in a world called Traverse Town, where he met Donald and Goofy, two royal messengers sent by their King to find the “key” that would save the worlds. With the guidance of his new friends, Sora traveled from world to world, battling Heartless and locking the keyholes at the heart of each world, to protect them from being consumed like the Destiny Islands. He ran into Riku again, who was also looking for Kairi. But Riku was being manipulated by Maleficent, and each time that Sora met him, he seemed more and more distant and hostile.

Sora and Riku finally clashed at a world called Hollow Bastion, and Riku temporarily reclaimed the Keyblade for his own. It was short-lived, as Riku’s heart was full of darkness, and he was unable to hang onto the Keyblade of light. Riku was being possessed by a man who called himself Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Ansem and Maleficent’s true agenda was revealed: with the help of seven pure hearts, the Princesses of Heart, they would make a Keyblade that could unlock people’s hearts - as well as the hearts of worlds. But they had only six princesses. The seventh, Kairi, was missing. Sora realized the truth: Kairi’s heart had been with safe with him all along. Seizing the Keyblade and turning it onto his own chest, Sora unlocked his own heart to set Kairi’s free. But in the process he lost his heart and was turned into a Heartless. Sora was only spared from being lost forever by Kairi’s newfound powers as a Princess of Heart, which restored him to his true self.

Kairi was safe for the moment, but Riku was still battling Ansem for control of his own body. Sora pursued Ansem to the End of the World, a place made from fragments of worlds that had fallen to darkness. He battled and defeated Ansem, but lost Riku. His oldest friend was trapped in the Realm of Darkness, along with King Mickey. Sora set off on a new journey with Donald and Goofy, to find a way to reach Riku and the King. Following clues left behind, the trio entered a strange realm called Castle Oblivion.

Sora doesn’t remember much about what transpired at Castle Oblivion, and what he does remember is vague and fragmentary. A memory-witch named Namine, born of Sora’s memories and Kairi’s heart, manipulated Sora at the behest of a group of black-cloaked schemers. She erased Sora’s old memories one by one, replacing them with false memories of her to manipulate Sora into blind loyalty. But Namine was forced to cooperate by Marluxia, the Lord of Castle Oblivion. With the help of Axel, a double agent, Sora learned the truth from Namine and defeated Marluxia. The newly-freed Namine agreed to restore Sora’s memories… but she had to place him in a kind of stasis for a full year, to give herself time to undo the damage and reconstruct everything from scratch. Sora would also lose all his memories of Namine, false and real, though he promised to meet her after he woke up and become friends - for real, this time.

Not all of Sora slept. When a human loses their heart, two things occur: first, the darkness in that heart manifests as a Heartless. The body fades away… unless the previous owner of the heart had an exceptionally strong will. Then the body persists as an empty shell, an echo of the previous human form. Sora had lost his heart, however briefly, to save Kairi. Thus Roxas, Sora’s Nobody, was born. He was different from other Nobodies: he had Ventus’ heart, and through it he could wield Ventus’ keyblade. And because the memories of their previous life stayed with Sora, Roxas had no knowledge of who he had come from or what had come before. He was made from Sora, but he was his own person.

Roxas was taken in by Organization XIII, a group of powerful Nobodies. Organization XIII needed the power of a Keyblade to achieve their goals, but after the events of Castle Oblivion and Marluxia’s death, Sora had proved himself too difficult and too dangerous to control. Roxas, on the other hand, was a blank slate, and thus a perfect pawn. Axel, the only survivor of the Castle Oblivion debacle, took Roxas under his wing. During the year that Sora slept, the two became best friends. Nobodies were not supposed to be able to feel emotion, but Roxas was unique, and his heart resonated with something inside of Axel. But in time, Roxas became frustrated with Organization XIII’s machinations. He realized that everyone around him - even the ones he loved the most - were hiding important information from him. So he struck out on his own to find the truth… and ran into Riku.

Riku neither knew nor cared about Roxas’ internal struggle. All he knew was that this Nobody was necessary to make Sora whole again. So Riku called on the powers of darkness - at great personal cost - to subdue Roxas and drag him back to Namine to be re-integrated with Sora’s heart.

It was not a perfect reunion. When Sora awoke after his year of stasis, it was with Roxas’ unresolved anger and sadness still warring inside of him. At times, he still experiences surges of emotion that he can’t fully explain. But Roxas’ awakening granted Sora the power to wield two Keyblades simultaneously: Ventus’ and his own.

He would need that power to battle the surviving members of Organization XIII. Their leader, Xemnas, was the Nobody of Ansem - which was itself a false name, a pseudonym for Xehanort. (Yes, it’s exactly that confusing in context.) Xemnas was collecting hearts from fallen Heartless, to join together into a mysterious power called Kingdom Hearts. Sora was trapped: he had to defeat Heartless to protect the worlds, but every Heartless destroyed only advanced Xemnas’ agenda.

At the same time, Axel, now gone rogue, kidnapped Kairi. Axel had one goal: lure Sora into a trap and turn him into a Heartless, to release Roxas again. But Axel had a change of heart at the last minute, saving Sora from a horde of lesser Nobodies and sacrificing his own life. Axel used the last of his strength to open a gateway for Sora into the World that Never Was, Organization XIII’s home base.

Overwhelmed with grief at Axel’s death, Roxas awoke to challenge Sora to a battle inside his own heart: a battle to determine why Sora had been chosen to continue existing, while Roxas and everything he loved faded into oblivion. Sora narrowly triumphed, and Roxas acknowledged defeat, finally reuniting his consciousness fully with Sora’s. At last, Sora understood the truth: who Roxas was and his relationship to Organization XIII. Whole at last, Sora took on the last members of the Organization with his full strength. He rescued Kairi and reunited with Riku to defeat Xemnas. This final battle nearly left the both of them stranded in the Realm of Darkness this time, but Kairi opened a doorway for them to return to the Destiny Islands.

The trio spent several peaceful months recuperating, before King Mickey sent them an urgent message. It turned out that destroying both a Heartless and a Nobody would reunite the body and the heart, restoring the original person who was lost to darkness. This was good news for the Nobodies who had been manipulated under Xemnas’ command… but it also meant that Master Xehanort was now whole again too.

Embroiled in a race against time to defeat Xehanort before he could unleash the next stage of his plan, Sora and Riku undertook a test called the Mark of Mastery, to see if they were ready to be Keyblade Masters. The duo travelled to Sleeping Worlds, worlds that fell into darkness but were not revived after Ansem’s defeat. The entire test was a trap set by Xehanort, who plagued Sora in various incarnations throughout the Sleeping Worlds. Xehanort preyed on Sora’s deepest innermost doubts: was it right for him to exist, if it meant Roxas could not? If Nobodies could have hearts, were they people, and was it wrong for Sora to destroy them? Was he even supposed to wield the Keyblade, which had been rightfully Riku’s? And who were the unfamiliar Keyblade wielders from Ventus’ memories, who made Sora’s heart ache, though he had never met them?

Trapped in a dark illusion, Sora pursued the dreams deeper and deeper into the nightmare realm, leaving his heart vulnerable. Xehanort’s true goal all along had been to gather suitable vessels to pour pieces of his own consciousness into. The Nobodies of Organization XIII had been convenient, lacking hearts of their own and thus ready-made vessels. Xehanort deceived them into thinking that only he could restore their hearts, making them easy to manipulate. But many of the Nobodies had been weak, wayward, or otherwise unsuitable. And Riku, thanks to his prior experiences with Ansem, was too wary and resilient to be possessed again. Sora, however… Sora with his naive, open heart would be a prime vessel.

The otherworldly force that came to claim Sora, however, was not Xehanort. It was Kadath, dragging him away into another world entirely.

where fears and lies

melt away...

Athlete: While Sora has never received any formal combat training - he was more or less dropped into this hero business blind, and learned as he went - he's been doing this for years and he's not dead yet. Additionally, Sora grew up on the Destiny Islands, a tropical archipelago. He learned to swim only shortly after he learned to walk. He's spent his entire life running, climbing trees, rocks, and vines, and play-sparring with wooden swords, even before he ever received a Keyblade. Even if he were to lose all his supernatural abilities, he'd still be a talented athlete with excellent stamina and coordination.

Free-runner: Sora has some experience with non-traditional methods of locomotion. Dodge-rolling, wall-running, grinding on rails... He's a talented acrobat as well, able to pull stunts like swinging on light-poles, or grabbing onto a ledge one-handed and using his own momentum to flip up onto it.

Magic: Over the course of his travels, Sora has obtained six types of elemental magic. Sora’s magical energy is limited, and he can only cast three or four spells - or a single Curaga - in one go. After that, he’ll have to rest for a few hours before he can cast again.
  • Firaga: Creates a tight circle of spinning fireballs a few feet around Sora. The fireballs only last for a second or two. A defensive area-of-effect spell.
  • Blizzaga: Fires a burst of ice crystals at a single opponent.
  • Thundaga: Drops a lightning bolt onto a single enemy, which can chain onto other enemies standing nearby.
  • Curaga: A healing spell. Curaga only works on physical wounds - cuts, burns, broken bones, etc. - and cannot cure diseases, lift curses, or neutralize poisons. Additionally, it uses up all of Sora’s magical reserves for a long period of time.
  • Aeroga: Wraps the target (Sora himself or an ally) in a protective sphere of wind that can push away weak enemies or deflect incoming projectiles. The barrier lasts approximately thirty seconds.
  • Graviga: Creates a sphere of purplish-black energy, about ten feet across. Enemies trapped inside the sphere are pulled to the ground by increased gravity, potentially taking damage. Can also be used to pull flying enemies into Sora’s range or retrieve floating objects.
How Many Kids You Got In There? Sora has a… rather unique ability to connect to other people's hearts. (We’re talking about ‘hearts’ in the metaphysical sense, like a soul, not literal hearts. He’s only got one of those.) Normally the rule is one body, one heart - otherwise you start getting into 'dangerous monster' territory. But for Sora... Maybe it’s a magical talent, or maybe it’s just his open and selfless nature. But his heart forges connections with nearly everyone he meets - especially those he cares about. When one of those connected hearts is damaged or lost, Sora can choose to share his strength, or even carry the lost heart as a kind of ‘passenger’ inside himself without harm.


Keyblade: While it looks like a silly weapon (a key-shaped sword?) the Keyblade’s magical properties make it much more formidable than it appears. Instead of a physical cutting edge, it has a magical edge of preternatural sharpness, capable of slicing nearly any mundane substance - rock, metal, buildings - with little resistance. Sora’s Keyblade is infused with the element of Light, which makes it particularly dangerous to beings of pure darkness like the Heartless. Even creatures that are normally completely resistant to physical weaponry can be harmed by the Keyblade, so long as they are vulnerable to light magic. The Keyblade is also nigh-unbreakable, and cannot be stolen or lost by ordinary means: as long as the blade recognizes Sora as its wielder, he can simply summon it back to his hand from wherever it may be.

As one might expect from its name and shape, the Keyblade can also be used to lock and unlock things. Any mundane lock that takes a key can be locked or unlocked by the Keyblade’s magic. It can also disable simple electronic locks. However, any lock that requires a combination, password, or anything else that the Keyblade can’t replicate (such as fingerprint or retinal scans) is immune to this power. A door that has been locked by the Keyblade will be magically reinforced, resisting attempts to break it down or otherwise bypass the lock. Outside of Kadath, the Keyblade could be used to unlock lanes to travel between worlds, or to lock the hearts of worlds to protect them from invaders. Kadath has no keyhole and no lanes to unlock, so Sora is trapped same as anyone else. Theoretically, it is also possible to unlock people’s hearts with a Keyblade… but this is ridiculously dangerous, since it opens the unlocked heart to darkness as well as light. Considering it nearly killed him the last time, Sora’s not likely to attempt it again.

In addition to being a magic weapon, the Keyblade grants its wielder a suite of physical enhancements that lend a certain… dramatic flair to their fighting style. These enhancements aren’t always explicitly or obviously superhuman: Sora doesn’t fly (well, not without assistance) or throw boulders, or deflect lasers with his bare hands. But he’s more coordinated and acrobatic than any ordinary sixteen-year-old has any right to be. He can jump twice his own height from a standing start to deal devastating blows to aerial opponents. His strikes are subtly enhanced to be on par with an adult swordsman of twice his experience. The Keyblade seeks its target in response to its user’s will, lending both power and accuracy. He’s also more durable, able to take hits that should break bones with only bruising, or to fight for hours before his stamina gives out.

Miscellaneous: Sora’s clothes are enchanted for convenience: they repel dirt and water, and are more resistant to tears, burns, and other minor damage than conventional fabric. They also have a lot of pockets. Being brought to Kadath wiped out most of his inventory (too bad, considering he was carrying enough potions to supply a small city) but left him with five Elixirs. These potent little potions fully heal wounds and restore magic power when consumed. But he’s got five, and five is all he’s ever gonna have.


Weapon-Dependent: Almost all of Sora’s special abilities are inherent in his Keyblade, not Sora himself. If he loses it, he becomes an athletic but otherwise ordinary sixteen-year-old boy, with no formal combat training. He keeps his learned spells, but they are significantly reduced in potency, and he’ll only be able to cast a few spells a day. Extraordinarily powerful dark magic can break a Keyblade. He could also lose the Keyblade if his heart were to falter or become corrupted, if he passed it willingly to a new wielder, or if some kind of strong anti-magic field severed his connection to it.

Homing Beacon: The Keyblade is an indelible beacon of light that can be dismissed, but not hidden. Heartless, Nobodies and other monsters will seek out a Keyblade wielder relentlessly, wherever they may hide. There aren’t currently any Heartless in Kadath, but Sora is likely to get a reputation as a monster-magnet, and how. Additionally, anyone in Kadath with the ability to sense magic will notice the potent field of light magic around Sora. Any attempts to hide him from detection or locating spells will invariably fail. He’s about as stealthy as a lit flashlight in a dark room.

Possession: Because of the unique nature of Sora’s heart and Xehanort’s interference, he is currently vulnerable to possession by supernatural entities. Granted, his strong will makes it a challenge to keep hold of him once you have him, and any possessing entity might find some unexpected interference from everything else in there… but they could certainly grab him long enough to do some real mischief.

Manipulation: Forget the supernatural mind control stuff. If you want Sora to do something, just walk up and ask him to do it. He probably won’t even ask why. This is the kind of boy who immediately trusts strangers he meets, and considers everyone his friend until proven otherwise. He’s such a bleeding-heart that it would be child’s play for any manipulative types to walk him headlong into a trap.

Physics? What’s That? Sora’s formal education ended at age fourteen, when his school (and his island, and everything on it) got eaten by the darkness... and he wasn’t exactly a brilliant student to begin with. Also, he comes from a world where magic is everywhere and modern technology is spotty at best. He can read, and do basic arithmetic, and he kind of understands middle-school-level science. That’s it.
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You are the KEYBEARER.

welcome traveler! welcome child!

to your final destination

oh herald of light and dark!

seek it wild, seek it strong

communion within living colour

A pretty app as well as a great one-- two of a kind! Your Sora app has got me excited at least to see this big shoed idiot run around Kadath, and we couldn't be happier to have you both! Consider yourself accepted and enjoy your stay friend!
-- Kabal

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