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Audient Void
 Posted: Jun 8 2017, 10:36 PM
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From the desk of Intelligence Department Captain Hazama;

Good day everyone!

It's recently come to the attention of the fine folks at the Intelligence Department that the local fauna of Kadath lies beyond the reasonable expectations of any one universe-- in laymen's terms, is unpredictable in nature.

To assist in combating this, and to better inform the citizenry of Kadath, my department and I have put together this useful guide to some of the presently documented creatures crawling about our fair city.

There are of course many more creatures than those being discussed here-- however, in our eyes, these will be the ones that it most behooves the common reader to know of.

It should be noted that this is a living document that will be routinely updated! Be sure to check back in often to inform yourself on the latest and greatest of Kadath's apex predators.

user posted image
Races of Kadath

As you may have noticed, some of your fellow citizens may be of a different race than the norm! While theres simply too many species of sentients present to really catalogue them, the majority appear to be homo sapiens or some minor variation. For simplities sake, I won't go into detail on specifics of human biology, but culturally there's quite a mix even among the humans!

However, the buck doesn't stop at humans. As you've no doubt noticed, we've all kinds of different dutiful, independant citizens each with their own individual quirks and biologies. Some are aliens. Some are robots. Some are vampires, ghosts, goblins, of every which shape and size!

The sheer variety of these beings makes it impractical to make a full report. One citizen could be a vampire who feeds on cow's blood, the next a tried and true public menace! It's the official stance of the Intelligence Department though to err against discrimination based on your own universal assumptions and, likewise, to report all suspicious and disconcerting activities or behaviors to your local Intelligence officials.

-- Captain Hazama

user posted image
Backalleys, Urban Areas, Sewers, Subway, Catacombs

Coming in an interesting variety of shapes, colors, and ph balance, slimes, oozes, and other amorphous beings are a pretty common sight here on Kadath. Generally non-sentient and inherently acidic, slimes tend to mindlessly meander between nooks and crannies, usually in and around the catacombs. Occasionally though, some find their way into the subway system, the streets, and yes, the sewers.

If left unattended within a slime, any and all organic matter will slowly be deconstructed as nutrients for the otherwise harmless critter. Lacking in a brain or any kind of nervous system, a slime is slow and content to pool in and out of it's habitat-- but be wary! Their transulcent forms make it somewhat easy for the unaware to bumble into one...

If you or someone you love is subsumed by a slime, the last thing you'll want to do it pull them out. Most studies done by Intel and R&D indicate that extreme temperature conditions, either hot or cold, are enough to either freeze or repel the simple scuttlers.

-- Captain Hazama

user posted image
Open Air, Endless Sea, Catacombs

A rare sight growing more and more common, flying wyvern like beasts henceforth referred to as Dragons have been reported in and about the city. Often suspected to roost within the lesser seen catacombs of Kadath or even more curiously, dwell off the Endless Sea's horizon, any and all information regarding these winged terrors is greatly appreciated.

Additionally, if you yourself are a dragon, feel free to spare yourself government censure by merely reporting to one of our offices for further screening and regeistration! Thank you!

-- Captain Hazama

user posted image

There are dragons in this world. Aliens. Demons. Then, there are...weird things. Unnatural organisms that we can't really peg down. Non-euclidean in nature, that defy definition.

If you come into contact with anything fitting this description, please report immediately to the Intelligence Department with your findings. They may very well be key to understanding what's brought us to this world in the first place...

-- Captain Hazama

user posted image
Urban Areas (Blacklight, Gioco, Housing Districts)

Gizka! Love 'em or hate 'em, these adorable little monsters have come to be popular pets and even lest popular pests among certain areas of Kadath. Omnivores extreme, Gizkas are diminutive, poodle-like stomachs with legs. Amphibious, highly portable, and not particularly noisy, Gizka are the hottest trend hitting the Gioco District.

While of no true danger individually, Gizka pose a signficant risk to ecosystems due to their absurd birthrates. Gizka are banned from the Garden District, and many other established businesses may not allow you to bring your loveable little toad inside! Be forewarned.

Also, Gizka racing is, has been, and always will be illegal. Please don't try it.

-- Captain Hazama

user posted image
Endless Sea, Large Bodies of Water

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, something like this needs to jump out at you! Joking aside, as if traversing the Endless Sea wasn't treacherous enough, these massive aircraft carrier sized 'Sea-Kings' have declared themselves unofficial rules of the seas out here. Decidedly non-sentient, these enormous carnivorous krakens seem untamable and unreasonable to current Kadath government officials.

Usually found within the Endless Sea, there have been reports of Sea-Kings making their way 'upstream' into some of Kadath's natural aquatic installations through unknown means. If proven to be taken from Kadath proper, the Military Guard are offering sizable bounties for Sea-King heads on domestic grounds! Opportunity from adversity, I suppose...

-- Captain Hazama

user posted image
Underground Areas (Catacombs, Subway)

I speak to you now out of prior knowledge for this latent threat in our reality. The Tyranids are a race of locusts, a swarm of great hunger and deathly intellect that, if left unchecked, can consume stars themselves. Shadows in the immaterium, Tyranids usually attack in furious hordes. We are currently free from such an assault.


Recently, reports have arisen from the depths on Tyranid activity-- isolated Hive Tyrants or synapse creatures that insofar seem bereft of their forces. Make no mistake though; these creatures are merely waiting for appropriate biomass to consume so they themselves can feast fully on our world.

For now, only scout organisms have been abducted here. We must maintain a constant vigil on their actions and kill them on sight. A great bounty will be paid by the R&D Department personally for each and every head of a greater Tyranid creature.

Report all contact with these monsters, least we all pay for your mistake.

-- Ahzek Ahriman, Research Head

user posted image
Underground areas (all times), Lower Kadath and throughout the wilderness (Nighttime)

Daemons are vicious nocturnal creatures born of a unique plight known as the "Starscourage": a parasitic spore brought about by the treachery of the god Ifrit. Any living creature—human or animal—can be infected and likewise parasitized by the Starscourage, twisting them into such monsters with little other desire than an appetite for destruction and discord. Some Daemons have shown signs of sentience—even as far as the ability to speak—but this much is fairly uncommon among most of the common species. They range from tiny, imp-like creatures to massive armored giants depending on what sort of creature was afflicted. For a comprehensive list, please refer here

Daemons thrive where there is little or no light, lurking deep underground until the sun sets before emerging to wreak havoc on the surface. They can be repelled or weakened by bright lights even at night, however—and, for this reason, the well-lit urban epicenter of Kadath is safe from their presence for the time being. It is advised that one takes caution when traversing the wilderness or any poorly lit area at night.

Daemons are likewise biologically immortal; they have no need for food, water, or any nutrients of any sort and will live indefinitely unless killed. Their destructive impulse is not brought about by need for survival, but instead by some unknown malice born of the Starscourage. Currently, there is handsome compensation for any warriors who would be willing to hunt down and slay daemons for this particular reason, lest they begin to spread further.

If you or a loved one becomes infected by the Starscourage, worry not! The blight is not as concentrated in this world as it was in its world of origin, and thus is slow-acting in humans in particular. It manifests as a splotchy black rash somewhere on one's body before spreading, slowly weakening motor and cognitive functions until the victim becomes a Daemon. If you happen to notice something similar occurring to you, please report immediately to the nearest hospital for treatment. It can be easily removed, but only if you act quickly. Once someone has become a Daemon, there is no reversing it.

-- Ardyn Izunia, Head of Intelligence

user posted image
Lower Kadath, Subway, Catacombs, Koth Woods

Hey, there’s nugs on Kadath! These little guys are everywhere: primarily underground, because their eyesight’s not great, and they prefer to hide in holes and burrows. But you can also find them in the woods, wandering around alleyways, digging through your trash… That’s the magical thing about nugs. They’re small, hairless, mostly blind, and have absolutely zero natural defenses. But anywhere they can find food, they’ll find a way to thrive. And nugs will eat basically anything, from insects to rotten food to limestone and simple metals.

Nugs are friendly, probably because they don’t have enough brains to be anything else. They come in various shades of pink to brown. They’re completely harmless, but they breed like rodents, and they can become a nuisance if they start chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing on. Some people back home swear they’re edible – they taste “like a cross between pork and hare,” apparently – but I’m not sure if I trust that assessment.

Also, they have creepy little people-hands instead of normal feet. This weirds some people out.

-- The Iron Bull

Do keep in mind, the monsters listed here aren't the only races out in the wild world of Kadath! Feel free to use generic beasts and even some limited canon ones, so long as they don't fundamentally break the structure of the site by being there.

If you'd like to submit your own considerations to the bestiary though, feel free to fill out the form below and post it here for consideration!

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<center>[i]Locations Found[/i]<P>

Description of Creature

<p>-- [b]Writer's Name[/b]

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