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Quote: When you wake from a dream, there's a brief moment when you're not sure if you exist in the dream or reality. this moment is both true and false; an imaginary monster."
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<ul><li style="width: 250px;">Blazblue</li>

</ul><ul><li style="width: 250px;">CANON POINT: shortly after jumping into the Cauldron in Blazblue: Central Fiction</li></ul>

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A polite and friendly officer, ever formal yet always willing to lend a helping hand. A cool-headed informant who always seems to be in just the right place at just the right time. A two faced giggling manipulator who knows exactly the right buttons to press to get the results he wants. Captain Hazama of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Intelligence Department was created for one purpose alone; to serve as a reliable vessel for a being who dreamt of killing gods. Yet despite his raison d'être, time and circumstances have seen develop beyond that role.
Once, the many facets of Hazama were just a cover to hide his host, whose will and desires subsumed his own. These days however, he's become his own man, capable of want, choice, self.
Now, in a way, those former facets of Hazama are almost real.
Yuuki Terumi was a horrible man, if he could even be called one. The will of a spiteful spurred god, Terumi desired nothing other than the world to suffer, for it to burn and plead and cry out in pain solely to torture it's creator. As Terumi's vessel, Hazama is an echo of his personality, tweaked for 'public use'. Whereas Terumi was a direct and impulsive danger to everyone around him, Hazama kept those urges to a minimum, acting as a deceptively passive man to mask his true agenda. Reliable and always polite, Hazama was ideal to keep the crude and crass Terumi deep undercover within his psyche. However, the two also shared many similarities; both were incredibly cunning in their own rights, master schemers and manipulators to their core able to break someone down piece by piece through simple conversation.
Despite these shared talents though, Hazama was simply cold blooded rather than the mad sadist Terumi was; he cared little for the lives he ruined or saved, lacking both agency and empathy himself. He could think on his own of course, decide which plans to follow and how best to accomplish their 'shared' agendas but the world around him moved like a dream. When he hurt someone, he couldn't relate to their pain. When he was stabbed, he couldn't feel it either; the perks of being an artificial body included non-functioning pain receptors. When a scheme went awry, the most he could feel were the echoes of Terumi's anger and irritation, mirrored but never truly experienced in turn. When caught on his own he would constantly mock and belittle his opponents much in the same manner as Terumi; but this too was a relatively impersonal affair. An angry opponent empowered Yuuki Terumi who fed on their emotions, allowing his host to hold the advantage when he assumed control of their body. Additionally, people were sloppy when impaired with feelings of aggression, sadness, woe or other such emotions. They made mistakes, dropped key details, and were generally far less formidable than a focused, driven, emotionless quarry.
This all changed however when the two were pulled apart. As part of a complicated scheme by Terumi's many enemies to kill him, Hazama was released from the hold of his host. Having no reason to disobey, Hazama still remained loyal and in lockstep with his 'master' throughout the experience until the very climax of their assassination.
From seemingly nowhere, the vengeful revenent of a power mage Terumi had once killed ambushed him while Terumi himself was locked in a duel to the death. Using advanced magic techniques to destabilize the bond between host and vessel, Hazama was gored through the chest and dragged deep into the ocean floor. Paralyzed from the assault on his vessel, Terumi was left wide open for a fatal attack that would rend his 'time' from reality. In that instant, the serpent's two heads were cleaved apart. Both were thought dead.
Neither were, of course.
Trinity Glassfille, his would-be assassin, once attempted to save a vessel by the name of Kazuma Kval from fusing with Terumi some hundred years in the past. She had failed, and throughout a conflict known as the Dark War, would come to be manipulated by the malignant personality Kazuma had morphed into when his mind and Terumi's collided. Eventually, she would be slain alongside her best friend, her own kindness enabling her death. A ghost trapped within a weapon, the best she could do with her half-life would be to right the wrongs of the past and at last wipe Terumi from the face of reality.
Yet, despite this, when Trinity stabbed Hazama through the chest, she failed to kill him. Caught entirely by surprise and unable to defend himself, she easily could have ended him then and there, destroying vessel and host both; she did not. Perhaps she saw some of her former flame in him. Maybe she had sympathy for the life of a vessel or some hope he could be 'saved'. It could even be that her gentle spirit just couldn't bring herself to kill a person, or that chance saw to it that her blade just didn't piece deep enough; Hazama to this day is confounded by his own survival.
The fact remains that he did survive though, and when he dragged himself from the brine he felt something for the first time; pain. A sharp, burning, throbbing pain, unlike anything he had ever experienced before. In the area he was stabbed in, a great gaping hole now stood, something he couldn't regenerate or ignore. This was the first time he had ever experienced something like this, and though it was a deeply unpleasant experience, Hazama walked away laughing.
Hazama had lived his entire life within a dream; he was real, but also false. He was relevant, but also complete inconsequential. His entire life had sat on the boundaries of 'lies' and 'truth'; and now he had something that. For the first time, his existence had proof of it's own validation; the pain was unpleasant, but it grounded him firmly in reality. Soon, Hazama would find his ties to Terumi had vanished; he was free from his host and could feel they lacked their usual connection. Alone and completely liberated from the half-life he had lead before, Hazama got his first taste of true 'life'.
It didn't take long for him to realize he wanted more.
Wrapped up into Izanami, the Goddess of Death's deadly prelude to Doomsday, Hazama found himself in a false world wherein everyone around him lost their memories. Knowing that 'under the radar' was where he performed best, Hazama saw an opportunity and took it; he decided he would also 'lose his memories', and acted like he shared everyone else's amnesia. When Terumi, barely surviving his nemesis's time rending attack approached him, Hazama pretended like he didn't even recogize him. Fooling his former 'ally', Hazama lead the desperate Terumi on a merry chase, constantly sabotaging Terumi's attempts to re-fuse. Knowing Terumi would grow weaker and weaker without a host, the kindly Captain bided his time, waiting for the perfect moment to assert his own individuality.
Eventually, that moment came.
Terumi, exhausted and near death from the turmoil of his now completely unstable existence was weaker than he had ever been-- making it feasible for his lowly 'vessel' to best him in combat. Defeating his former host in battle and sending him to the brink of death, Hazama offered Terumi a deal; he would allow the two of them to fuse, saving Terumi's fading life...but in return, Terumi would be the 'subordinate' face in the relationship. Now, instead of Hazama fulfilling Terumi's ambitions, Terumi would assist and defer to Hazama. Upon realizing the depths of Hazama's manipulation, Terumi burst out laughing and accepted; he knew he had been beat, and for a moment, Hazama was lended Terumi's full power.
Hazama's new goal was then established. Not only an artificial body, Hazama's form was also composed of the oft sought 'Azure Grimoire'. A doorway to the realm of souls and infinite power known as the 'Azure', it granted whoever used it immense power at the price of slowly overtaking them; a price that, as an artificial body, Hazama never had to pay. Though he could now feel pain, he could still only feel that one aspect of pain; that throbbing in his chest that still quietly haunted him.
In order to unlock the full experience of human experience, he would need to supplement his form with certain magical entities, one who was chosen by the 'Azure'; a thing called a Prime Field Unit. By linking himself with a specific Prime Field Unit, Hazama believed that he could awaken the crux of his connection to the Azure and live life as a true individual. His target then was Noel Vermillion, the Unit who had inherited the 'eye of the Azure' and could at last make him complete.
Before his plan could come to fruition though, Terumi revealed a hidden trump card. After playing his own long waiting game, Terumi severed his connection with Hazama using a soul-slicing weapon known as Hihiirokane. Releasing Hazama from his grasp, Terumi congratulated and thanked him for helping him out for so long, but then explained everything was in place for him to gain the 'true' vessel he'd always pined for. Leaving Hazama to pursue his own agenda, a critical piece was left missing from Hazama's plan; never the less, seeing no other option as doomsday closed in, Hazama made his preparations for his last gambit.
Ambushing one Rachel Alucard, a constant thorn in the side of Yuuki Terumi and an acquaintance of Noel Vermillion, Hazama quickly subdued and captured her within an arcane prison of his own making. Magical circles would slowly constrict her, ripping her to pieces bit by bit in a horrible engine of agony and pain. However, Rachel was an immortal being; after her 'death', she would simply reform and the cycle would begin again, meaning that she could potentially be tortured indefinitely. The reasons for her kidnapping and torture were twofold; one, Rachel being gone would attract Noel Vermillion's ally and his old 'nemesis', Ragna the Bloodedge straight to him. Two, Rachel's pain could give him greater insight into understand his own, allowing him to comprehend concepts like 'pain' and 'agony' in his own right. Thus, Rachel's captivity was both bait and experiment.
At first, everything was going as planned. Ragna and his menagerie showed up to save Rachel and, predictably, Ragna went berserk attempting to kill him. However, lacking Terumi's true power, Hazama was unprepared for just how much strength Ragna had gained within the Doomsday; he was unaware that unlike others within the false world, Ragna's power wasn't being drained out to the boundary, giving him an extra edge that allowed him to triumph. Believing his death was at hand, Hazama accepted his fate, laughing and urging Ragna to kill him.
Unfortunately for everyone, things didn't turn out that way.
At the last moment, he was saved by one of Ragna's compatriots, a boy named Naoto Kurogane, who was able to calm Ragna down, if not defeat him. Amused, but humiliated, Hazama realized his schemes were at an end.
Congratulating Ragna on finally defeating him, he informed his rival exactly where he could find Terumi, before giving one last farewell to the room of people who had come to despise him. He made eye contract with Trinity, who looked at him with kind and warm eyes filled with sadness at seeing him-- something that, to him at least, still makes no sense. Wishing the party luck, Hazama plunged himself deep into an unstable gateway through causality, leaving his goals unfulfilled and letting Ragna's company fight out Doomsday on their own terms. Hazama had no idea where he would wind up after this.
As chance would have it, he would wind up on Kadath.
</div></div> </div>

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<label for="tab-4" style="margin-top: 126px;">four</label><div class="thcontent"><div class="thabilities">
  • Geminius Anguium: Ouroborous: One of the twelve Nox Nyctores created during the Dark War, Ourborous is an immensely powerful magical weapon taking the shape of an endless green chain with a snake-like 'maw' at the tip. Summonable at any time and having virtually no limit to it's length or range, Hazama's weapon is often used as both a mobility tool and a long ranged projectile, alongside other less standard uses. Nox Nyctores are among the precious view items that could physically injure the seemingly invulnerable, continent-swallowing Black Beast and as such are able to pierce through most magical and physical defenses with relative ease. Hazama's Ouroborous in particular has the ability to directly assault the mind, making his opponents relive their worst nightmares among various other traumatizing uses. When fully released, Ouroborous can manifest as a serpentine monstrosity composed of those same endless chains to consume his opponent.<p>
  • Azure Grimoire: The Azure Grimoire is a highly coveted and dangerous object. A direct link to the Azure or the realm of souls in the Boundary sub-dimension, the Azure Grimoire or 'Blazblue' was an invention of Yuuki Terumi's that now makes up Hazama's entire body. The Blazblue is capable of absorbing souls, healing Hazama from fatal injuries, greatly empowering his physical form and a variety of other miscellaneous magical uses such as masking his presence, immobilizing a target, enhancing his movement speed or even full on invisibility. The Azure Grimoire also seems capable of imbuing Hazama's attacks with super strength, being able to easily kick 1,212.5 pounds several stories in the air with a single focused kick.<p>
  • Combat Skills: Though he claims to loathe violence, Hazama is actually an exceptionally skilled and adept hand-to-hand combatant. Preferring the use of knives, Hazama's style of close combat is a fluid, confusing dance of well timed knees, kicks and hidden knives.<p>
  • Intelligence Specialist: Hazama was once Captain of the NOL's Intelligence Department and once again heads an intelligence agency on Kadath; something you don't become without having a few skills at your disposal. Hazama is an excellent intelligence agent and officer, being supremely competent in tracking, deduction, human psychology, interrogation, infiltration, observation and, of course, easily navigate even the most choked and crowded of red tape bureaucracy.<p>
  • Master Actor: A snake to the very end, Hazama is also adept at deception, able to easily take up false roles and act as they are true with an honestly frightening efficiency rate, being able to deceive and mislead even those closest to him with very little effort. Naturally, Hazama's poker face is also on point.<p>
  • Artificial Body: Being in an artificial body has it's perks, but foremost is an immunity to age. Hazama also has an enhanced healing factor, immunity from most disease (but not poisons), and is exceptionally difficult to kill; not even ripping his throat out was enough damage to keep him from regenerating as time passed on.



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