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Devising battle strategies, bug collecting
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Age: About 14
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Occupation: Tactician
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Quote: "Time to even the odds!"
Race: Human
Fandom: Fire Emblem
Adjective: Steadfast
Preferred Pronouns: He/His
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Alias: Chaos
Joined: 11-April 17
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Apr 12 2017, 11:22 AM

"Time to even the odds!"
"Game over!"
"Do...Do I look like my mother in this?"
"I started on some of Mother's tactical guidebooks. I must learn all that I can!"
Apr 12 2017, 10:59 AM
Morgan is a perky, cheerful, upbeaat- well, you get the idea. He tends to look on the bright side of things and is overly curious in nature. especially when it comes to things that are unknown or new to him. He's smart, a pure strategist that can come up with these strategies on a dime. He's also a huge momma's boy, but his momma isn't here so that point is moot.

For friends, he's fairly loyal to them and extremely helpful, wanting to do whatever it takes to make them happy. Though sometimes, his methods are a little...unorthodox. Like trying to get someone who's afraid of bugs to stop being fearful by exposing them to all sorts of bugs. He means well, he just doesn't know how to show it at times. But he will take you seriously even if you act silly most of the time and will listen to your problems, meanwhile trying to figure out a way to solve them.

Enemies are honestly few and far between at the current moment. He doesn't outwardly despise them, but instead keeps a grim expression on his face as he acknowledges them. It's hard for him to become your enemy, unless they are the enemy of his mother. Then he doesn't hold back in devising ways to end them.

Lovers are a possibility, despite his young age. Where he comes from, it's not unheard of to marry someone at a young age, around his actually. He'll follow his lover to the ends of the earth and do whatever he can to make them happy, once more through somewhat unorthodox methods. Nonetheless he'll care deeply for his lover, not really judging them for what they are or what they used to be.
Apr 11 2017, 02:46 PM
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Chaos. Skype and Discord. EST.

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<li>About 14</li>

<ul><li style="width: 250px;">Lawful Neutral</li></ul>

<ul><li style="width: 250px;">Tactician</li></ul>

<ul><li style="width: 250px;">Fire Emblem Awakening</li>

</ul><ul><li style="width: 250px;">CANON POINT: Months after the defeat of Grima.</li></ul>

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<i>”You have failed me yet again, Morgan.”</i>
Morgan had been having nightmares as of late. He always seemed to forget them when he got them, but he always felt a sense of dread upon waking up. He didn’t know why, but it was enough to shake him to the core and nearly cry himself back to sleep.
<i>”I’m sorry, Master Grima…”</i>
They began shortly after his mother sacrificed herself to free the world of Grima’s influence. At first, he thought it was because he missed his mother so much. Robin was a brilliant tactician, and a noble one at that. Kind, courteous, loving. This was his mother, the great influence of his life. He thought that the nightmares were of him unable to prevent her death. But the more he dreamed, the more that didn’t seem to be the case.
<i>”You know what must be done, right?”</i>
Often, when he awoke in the middle of the night from those nightmares, he would go outside and wander the fields for some time, watching the fireflies dance with each other. Sometimes he would chase after them and cup his hands to catch them, watching them glow faintly in his hands before setting them free. He was always at ease during these times, just watching the fireflies. Just like how winter had ended and spring had come, bringing with it new life, the death of Grima brought peace after a long war full of suffering. And, just like the fireflies, the Shepherds would continue to give hope to the people of Ylisse. And he wanted to share that with his mother again, hoping that she was watching the fireflies somewhere.
<i>”Yes, Master Grima.”</i>
The nightmares often kept him up, addling his brain a little and making him constantly exhausted. But he knew he had to push on, for his mother’s sake. Even if she was no longer there, he was sure she would be proud of him devising strategies and helping out the people of Ylisse. That didn’t stop him from missing her, however.
<i>”Will you betray me?”</i>
Sometimes he would pore over his favorite book, the one he instinctively knew that was given to him by his mother. It detailed her basic strategies and was filled with her notes, her handwriting. Some of the pages were even dog eared in places so that he could return to them at any point. It was relaxing, to study the book. But something troubled him. Why, then, did he have two books that were exactly the same? It made no sense.
<i>”Never, Master Grima. I will kill all of my frie- no, they are not friends any longer. I will kill them for your sake, Master Grima.”</i>
The books, the amnesia, the nightmares… It nearly drove him mad that he couldn’t figure out their secrets at all. While he still kept a cheerful outlook on life, he couldn’t help but wonder about his past and the nightmares that were wearing down on him. He was still as cheerful and as optimistic as ever, enjoying the peace that now reigned in Ylisse. But those close to him could see that he was bothered by something. Whether it was his amnesia or his nightmares, no one knew.
<i>”Good. Do not fail me again.”</i>
While the history books recorded the fact that he didn’t seem to miss his memory much, despite not gaining it back, he couldn’t help but think about it, along with his mother. He wanted to be like her, kind and gentle to those around her, charismatic and smart too. So he tried to emulate her, being kind to everyone, helping everyone, the works. And yet, his nightmares filled him with dread and a sense that he wasn’t what he thought he was. He wasn’t sure why, but they seemed…familiar, somehow. He couldn’t understand why, but he tried not to let it bother him as he continued to live his life.
<i>”Yes, Master Grima.”</i>
As he closed his eyes to sleep, Morgan couldn’t help but think about his mother.

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Morgan is able to wield swords and tomes with ease, due to being influenced by his mother, who also wielded both swords and tomes. The varieties he could wield are numerous, especially when it comes to casting spells with tomes. He’s a skilled wannabe tactician due to her as well, able to come up with strategies on a dime. His thirst for knowledge knows no bounds and he’s always hopeful for the future, his cheerful attitude infectious. He’s also always willing to help, no matter what.
There’s a slight problem with him, though. Well, several actually. Since he came from a world where things break easily, he tends to think every weapon will break and so he rarely uses a sword or a tome more than once. This could be irritating to those who want to fight him, as he keeps his weapons in check. He’s also an amnesiac, which brings about some odd traits from him. Like him bashing his head against a hard surface to get his memory back. It bothers him that he’s unable to remember a thing, but tries to put it past him and focus on the now.
There’s also another thing that’s technically bad. He’s very, <i>very</i> close to his mother, to the point that he’s unflinchingly loyal to her. So what if she suddenly turned evil and tortured him into being her servant, hypothetically speaking? He would struggle through with it, but remain by her side, killing the friends he made for her sake. Seeing anyone that resembles his mother also makes him weak, unable to strike a blow against them. He’ll be very clingy to those who resemble his mother, much like a child rather than the teenager he is.
Despite his coming up short in some departments, he’s nonetheless a perky, happy, loyal lad, one that is incredibly smart. He’s not exactly naïve of the world, knowing that there are some things in life that are horrid. But he’s nonetheless optimistic and continues to be a shining beacon of hope to those around him.




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