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 The Hunter Searches for Prey, [OPEN]
Samus Aran
 Posted: Oct 6 2017, 07:42 PM
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Samus Aran
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I couldn't come up with anything so I used Samus' roleplay sample. Making threads is not my strong suit, posting in them is.
The Hunter didn't even need to open her eyes to know something was wrong. Rather than the seat of her gunship pressed snugly against her back, she felt the hard wood of a different form of seat. Samus hadn't even gone to sleep in the first place, and yet for the brief moment i which she collected her thoughts, she knew she had been. She was not in her Power Suit as she had been just moments ago, but instead was in her Zero Suit. At least she felt the familiar tug of the weight of a security pistol by her side, and with that in she quickly snapped her eyes open, flipped backwards over the now identified park bench, and brought it in front of her, prepared to stun anyone that posed a threat.

But there was no one. No Galactic Federation soldier to capture the latest public enemy number one, no other Bounty Hunter to ask why they shouldn't collect whatever massive bounty was surely on her head, nothing. It was somewhat jarring. "What the...? How did I get here in the first place?" Deeply confused, Samus activated her Power Suit, luckily it was never far away having been so deeply integrated in her biology, and immediately attempted to scan... Only to see something she hadn't expected.


That... Was a problem. With a frustrated groan Samus realized she didn't have many options. There was no explanation for how she got here, who brought her here, or even why. That in mind she began taking in her surroundings. It was surreal... Almost impossibly so. The Hunter had explored many a planet, taken in many astonishing sights, and she had seen nothing like this. The ecosystem... It was nothing like she had ever seen. And it was just a park as near as she could tell! "This is like nothing I've ever seen..."

She quickly recovered from the shock and steeled herself, getting into a ready stance. "Impossible ecology aside, I'm not going to get answers if I stay here. Only one thing for it... Time to get exploring." And with that The Hunter stalked off, unsure what was even her prey.

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