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 Stumbling By, Prompto/Sin
 Posted: Jul 27 2017, 12:56 AM
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Pizza delivery
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Miskatonic University was a bit of a strange place.

Not that I-58 had ever wondered about it in the past, mostly because she had never been here before. But now that she was, the shipgirl had these idle thoughts about how out of place the main building looked, at least in regards to the rest of the city. Still, it probably wasn't her job to question that; she didn't know much about universities, given that she wasn't a human, nor old enough to attend one if she had been one, but still held a good amount of respect for places of learning.

Tad weird, but she held a strange respect towards it; what could learning be, but to find oneself through the teachings of others? To have one's call in life given form by them. Those thoughts were definitely too romantic for her; better if she just stopped. Daydreaming wouldn't get her anywhere, would it?

Crimson eyes shifted through the campus' grounds, a curious mind taking in every detail of an experience that was completely new for her. Sure, she had come to this place for a delivery, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy herself a little, right? Especially since how gloomy her last deliveries had turned out...

Better not to think about that, too. Maybe it was for the best if she focused on the task at hand? Looking at a place where she could park her moped would be good. Did universities had parking lots? Well, teachers had to leave their cars somewhere, right? Wonder if those could be used by people non-related to the university; welp, time to find out!

Once that was taken care of, she made her to the dorms, pizza box in her arms. Luckily this was her last delivery until her break, so she'd have some time to spare after doing it; hanging around the campus didn't seem to be a terrible idea, now that she thought of it. Being somewhat away from the center of Kadath, Miskatonic had this peaceful air to it. It felt relaxing and... nice for a change. Pity that the faeries weren't here with her, given how they would have enjoyed the scenery. Maybe she would make a point for the future to bring them outside. Being confined in an apartment surely wasn't very fun, even if it was mostly for your safety.

The distance to the dorms had begun to diminish, the submarine's steps growing faster as she made her way in. It took her some time to discern which direction she had to go, and a couple of minutes for her to reach the door where she had to deliver the pizza.

Welp, that was it. One, then two quiet knocks for good measure before her voice began to ring through the closed door. "Uh, excuse me? I'm here to deliver a pizza, dechi."

Sorry for the slight delay.
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