september 15 new game's first event THE SINISTER URGE has begun! Click here for information and how to participate!

september 15th event specific awards added!

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 EVENT DETAILS, refer here first!
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eVENT details
Welcome to New Game's first event, The Sinister Urge!

Below you will find links to event news, event specific rules, how to participate, and other valuable information! If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the staff!

Where to start!

Event Details

[OFFICIAL NOTICE FOR ALL CITIZENS OF KADATH] Here is in-character, public alert that went out to all citizens of Kadath. All characters active on New Game received this message: this information is public knowledge. What you do with it is up to you and your characters, but Ardyn does supply ways you can get involved for anyone from a government official to a civilian.

[THE DEVIL'S REJECTS] A short solo-thread from Carla's POV. The introduction of Ustanak and a breif glimpse into her motives.

[REVOLUTION] The first raid of the event! Unlimited and unrestricted, take on Carla's new Ustanak, a bio-organic weapon (or B.O.W.) unique in the fact that it will obey her orders without question. Right now, those orders are to make sure you don't make it out alive.

[HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CORPSES] An incredibly closed event involving only four characters. Please read through all the details before volunteering as you will not be able to participate in any other threads in the event if you join this group. This means a character volunteered for this sub-event cannot participate in open threads, raids, and will not be privy to any further developments in the event. Any character in this sub-event will not have received the announcement from Ardyn: they are going into this blind.

Please note, however, that this event runs an underlying plot of the event and is equally crucial to the event's advancement.

[MISSIONS] Separate from the official raids but still extremely relevant to the outcome of the event: mission threads! Get involved by creating your own, or joining in an already existing one and working in whatever way you like to put an end to (or further worsen!) the outbreak. Any and all threads created in the event should be linked to in the missions thread so everyone can keep up with what's moving and shaking.

Event Rules

Event Timeline

Our current timeline for the event is September 15th to November 15th. During this time period, we will have multiple event threads, but you are free to start any of your own threads within the boards. These dates are subject to change.

Main Affected Areas

As of the event's beginnings, the infected areas include only Upper Kadath, specifically Kadath Square and any related sub-boards. Any further spread of the virus will be updated as it occurs.

Word Counts

This is a preferred but will not be enforced. Due to the desire for more rapid fire threads in an effort to complete the event, we would ask that posts come in at under 500 words per post. If you can complete larger posts in short time-frames, feel free to post at your own pace, but please remember that we are trying to push forward threads.

Post Time

While the event will continue to follow a post order (unless otherwise stated), due to the time constraints and an effort to complete the thread, you are free to skip the person in front of you if they have not responded in three days. If you were skipped, feel free to jump back in at any time. However, please make sure you do not cut off the current poster in an attempt to respond. This will involve coordination with other players. [IE: if it is Player B's turn to post and they are currently working on a reply, let them complete their post before adding your own.] If someone rejoins, a new post order is set. If you are skipped too often, we may ask that you remove yourself from any raid/sub-event threads that push the plot forward. You are still free to create your own event threads to stay involved.
Still Have Questions?

What Does This Mean For You

Outside of a major section of Kadath being quarantined? All of your characters are in danger. Whether or not you have any love lost for Kadath, this is your home now. If a zombie outbreak spreads beyond the quarantine, that puts your future, your friends, and your potential to go home at risk. Because of the affected areas, this will have lasting consequences on Kadath, not only in monsters and damages, but viruses that linger even after the quarantine is lifted. Who knows what could be done with them in the wrong hands.

How to Participate

A quick recap!
- Raids: Staff controlled sub-events of The Sinister Urge. There is no limit on characters, just make sure you adhere to the post requirements.
- Special Mansion Event: This is a limited event. Please remember these characters will NOT be able to participate in any other portion of the event as they are restricted to the sub-events location and terms. It will, however, have a lasting effect on the boards and characters, so you are still heavily involved.
- Whatever you want! Feel free to post opens or coordinate with other plays to create your own sub-events (ie: protecting civilians, fighting monsters/zombies on your own terms!) The Mission Board is a great place to find new quests or create your own!
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