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Ardyn Izunia
 Posted: Sep 15 2017, 06:17 PM
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Ardyn Izunia
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Citizens of Kadath,

We regret to inform you all that a large-scale disturbance has occurred within the city. A former government employee, Miss Carla Radames of Research and Development, has triggered the outbreak of a contagion that has spread rapidly among the populous of Upper Kadath.

The specifics of the virus are, at present, largely unknown; however, we do know that those infected have lost most cognitive and motor functions aside from a startling bloodlust, putting them in an almost “zombified” state. The infected have been deemed a danger to themselves and others, and as such, we the members of Kadath’s government have decided unanimously on the implementation of a quarantine in order to prevent further spread of the virus--effective immediately.

The quarantine encompasses what seems to be the epicenter of the outbreak: an uninhabited mansion that quite recently appeared within Upper Kadath, as well as the surrounding area. We ask that any and all citizens that are not properly equipped for virus prevention and necessary self-defense steer well clear of it. We likewise ask that any residents of the quarantined area please relocate to a safe location until the virus is eliminated completely.

Most importantly, we ask that you please do not panic. We are working swiftly to ensure that the city does not suffer any permanent damage and to minimize casualties. Thank you for your patience and resolve.

Any capable citizens, mercenaries, and combat-ready government employees are encouraged to aid us in putting a swift end to this outbreak. Please follow the instructions below to see how you can help. There will, of course, be financial compensation for any who willingly come forward to assist.

COMBAT: Given the violent nature of those afflicted with the virus, individuals with combative strength are necessary to put an end to any victims who have lost themselves to the virus. There are creatures ranging from humanoid size to gargantuan monsters; slaying them is an unfortunate necessity.

SUPPORT: There will inevitably be some within the quarantine that are afflicted by the virus but not quite lost to it yet. Medical professionals are needed to assure that the virus in them is eliminated before it can spread, or that the afflicted person is allowed to pass peacefully before they succumb to the monstrous effects. However, be sure to ensure your own safety first and foremost. It's recommended that any medical professionals working within the quarantine be accompanied by a combat-ready companion at all times.

RECONNAISSANCE: Miss Carla Radames, the origin of the disease, is thought to be hiding within the labyrinthine structure of the mansion at the center of the quarantine. We are currently looking for individuals willing to navigate the mansion, track her down, and take her into custody.

We, the governing body of Kadath, thank you for your patience and cooperation while this issue is taken care of.

-Ardyn Izunia, Head of Intelligence
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