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 II. Rules
Audient Void
 Posted: May 1 2015, 01:12 PM
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New Game's guildlines!

1. Be excellent to each other
At New Game, we expect our members to be adults and to reflect our moderate to high skill level rp. If your behavior is repeatedly seen as irritating, unnecessary, inappropriate, or obnoxious expect us to intervene. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, abuse, or manipulation of any kind. Staff will issue consequences for particularly egregious offenses or repeat offenders from site restrictions to complete removal from the site. In the event a disagreement or if you feel like you are being treated unfaily, please come to a staff instead of escalating things within the chat.

2. No godmodding, powerplaying, plagiarizing, or general rp unpleasantness:
Don't be that guy. You know the one: spends all their time stewing over power levels, fudges every thread to be a fight and fudges every fight to be 'the strongest'. That guy who rips his posts or apps from other sites or rpers. That guy who controls other characters in their post and puts others in an awkward situation. Don't be that guy-- the staff will give you shit for it. Remember, rping is a hobby done for fun, not for competition.

3. (Mostly) unrated! Don't fuck it up:
We here at New Game think players can do what they want -- within reason. Vulgar swears are allowed and can be dispensed at your pleasure but real life racial slurs are not, even in character. Particularly graphic violence (detailed gore and such) and NSFW stuff is allowed, but should your thread contain it or wind up doing so, we ask that you tag it for members that may not be interested. Please note that we are not a premium board, which means any sexual roleplay needs to be done off site. In the end, just be considerate!

4. Intermediate-advanced rp quality:
New Game isn't going to turn you away for not being Twain or Tolkien, but we do expect our members to be decently proficient with spelling, grammar, and rping. As a website, we plan to have a serious focus on character development and exploration, and as such we'd like it if every prospective member were to really think out their character and be open to and be capable of growing them through rp. That being said, no one starts a master, and we can understand if our requirements seem a bit intimidating. As long as you're willing to learn and grow your skills and you can write above an entry level, you'll likely be fine. Our standards are a bit more strict than the average website, but we by no means want to bar people with a real passion for rp but minimal forum experience.

5. Banned fandoms:
YUP, we've got 'em. Characters that might not fit into the overall mood of the site or come from canons and backgrounds that are relatively two-dimensional are probably not going to cut the mustard. Examples include Spongebob Squarepants and Family Guy characters. We'll probably have a running list up sooner rather than later, so stay tuned for it.

6. Character fandoms:
On that subject, this being a panfandom site, characters from virtually any kind of fandom from anime to live action series to musicals are indeed allowed provided they fit the standards of the site. New Game also allows OC's if canon characters are not your style or you're particularly attached to one -- be advised, however! OC's are under more scrutiny when compared to canon characters, and extra detail and character should be pumped into an OC account. Please be aware that your first character on site must be a canon. Due to our stricter restrictions on originals and to stay true to the main point of a panfandom (to have characters we know and love in new situations), we no longer allow members to start with originals. We want to see your roleplay skills in action before we will consider allowing you to bring in an original character.

The staff reserves the right to consider less defined characters (canon characters with multiple possible backstories and personalities, canons with no established identities, etc.) as "original" for the sake of accepting applications.

7. Paragraphs and third person:
New Game is a paragraph-based rp website. While we do not have a word count, each post should probably have one and a half paragraphs at least. While we accepted any style of writing for our freeform, during roleplay, please stick to thrid person.

8. Character limit & Apping New Characters:
Currently there is no limit to how many characters you can play on New Game. Please bear in mind that all are subjected to activity checks and the staff reserves the right to limit your characters if we feel you cannot keep up with your list. Your first two characters on New Game are free! No requirements or penalties. For anything beyond two, you will need to have at least three in-character posts & one new plotter post with all active characters before being able to app another. Please note that a "new plotter post" is you reaching out to another character's shipper, not a response to someone that reached out to you first. If rosters start getting too insane we'll start cracking down harder on it, but for now, go nuts!

9. Activity:
New Game operates a little differently than most sites in regards to activity. While we will run activity checks during the last week of each month, activity is measured across all your accounts, not on each individual account. To pass an Activity Check, all we ask is that you have a grand total of three in-character posts across all of your active characters. We understand that sometimes characters get caught up in threads with slower rp partners, some people don't enjoy liquid time, and, sometimes, you just need to work up the muse! For that reason, as long as you have made three in-character posts with any of your cast, your roster is safe for the month. This can be all three on one account or an even spread between your characters!

Please remember that the staff reserves the right to modify the requirements of activity and complete checks on an individual level. If you consistently do not post with a canon character for extended periods of times (multiple activity checks), we may ask you to drop them in an effort to allow more active players a chance with them.

10. NSFW:
Do not post not safe for work content in any public portion of the site and its affiliate discord chat. SImiliar to taking sexual content offline, we will not tolerate inappropriate links in the chat or in threads.

Next Stop! The FAQ! [LINK]
Additional mandatory reading, the FAQ includes information on how your character arrives in Kadath, information about power tiers, adjusting your character, and other helpful information about the world of Kadath.

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