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 I. Plot, Important Explainations
Audient Void
 Posted: Jun 11 2016, 02:42 AM
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Audient Void
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It starts in blackness.

Unknown ichor seeps from the ground and swallows you whole. Your eyes go dark, then open again to see the empty space between stars. A voice, perhaps mocking, perhaps gracious whispers in your ear as you fly within the void.

Then, you wake up, and you've no idea where you are.

Welcome to Kadath.

You've been selected, by what or why, it's hard to say. Whatever it was cares little for your standing; whether you were at the crux of your happy ending or six feet underground, it matters very little. Flung from your reality and displaced to another, you've been restored or otherwise stolen away as one of many who have been chosen for the dubious honor of forging a brand new world.

Surrounded by an infinite, endless sea, Kadath is massive sprawling metropolis, perched high above the waves; yet, it's more than that. It's a Frankenstein urban center, the perfect place for the entourage of freaks, sub, ab, and superhumans that have been spirited away to it. It's a repository of mysterious arcane energies, scientific phenomena, it's old walls echoing mysteries that might set even the keenest minds ablaze with intrigue. It's the setting of the ageless conflict of good and evil, as villains stalk the winding maze-like streets as heroes of all sorts bravely venture onward to protect against their insidious schemes.

Some might believe Kadath is a prison keeping them from fulfilling sacred duties and personal goals. Others, some fresh from death's door, might think it a second chance. Whatever it is to you, whoever you are, you've been ripped, transported, resurrected or otherwise found your way to this strange, unpredictable world and now have only one choice-- to make it your home.

Countless souls join you in this unwilling exile while unknowable forces work in the shadows. Find friendship. Find conflict. Find danger, mystery or perhaps even an escape.

It's time to start a New Game.

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