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Audient Void
 Posted: Jun 11 2016, 03:04 AM
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Heys Kids! Friendly neighborhood Kabal here! I figured for both lore and what I imagine would be common questions on this site to put up a little FAQ. Now, this'll probably update in time as actual members show up and give me more questions to want automatically answered for me! But for now, this should do. For general rules questions, check out the Rules. For updates on the plot, check out the Plot. For now, let's just get started.


  • What is Kadath? That's the real kicker, ain't it? Kadath is a mysterious city all of New Game's characters have been magically transported to. Think a massive, marble city about the size of New York with two layers and you start to get an idea. As to the true nature of Kadath, that's a bit more elusive. We hope to slowly reveal the secrets of Kadath to players who are active in events or characters who pursue them, but as of right now, little is known about it's true nature besides the vague and crypt remarks the PCs hear as they are drawn into the world (which you can find in your app's approval, should it be approved!)

  • Why's my character here?: See the above! It's a low-key semi-open mystery that might be able to be pieced together through everyones approval messages.

  • How'd they arrive? Up to you! Maybe they just woke up on the street somewhere. Maybe they shimmered out of their happy ending to Kadath. Maybe a portal opened up and sucked them in just before the final boss fight. Maybe they died, and opened their eyes to find Kadath splayed out for them. Maybe maybe maybe. It's really up to you to decide! The only consistent is a voice, not always the same voice, but a voice echoing in their heads upon arrival, the details of which can, again, be found in your individual approval messages. The plot describes weird ichor juice eating them up, but the precise mode of transport is really up to you.

  • Whats outside of Kadath? A vast, endless multi-colored sea! For now, it's mostly desolate and virtually untraversable-- if you row out too far, you either loop right back from the opposite side you left from or are never heard from again. As the site goes on though and as activity picks up, new events, objects, and even locations might emerge from the sea as New Game expands!

  • My character died in the media they're from -- can they still show up here? Yep! Kadath brings folks back from the dead, so dead characters of all shapes and sizes can be slapped right on in here.

  • Who lives in Kadath anyhow? Your characters do for one, but besides them, numerous other universal refugees from all different dimensions have made there way here as well. The difference is, though, while you're playing the main characters, these guys are npcs. For now, their population is small, but feel free to have fun with describing who or whatever sort of normal everyday people your toons run into.

  • Whats the currency? Or are we finally in the communist utopia Lenin always dreamed of? The currency isn't anything too fancy-- USD is the way of the world, almost entirely because all current admins are Americans and are afraid of change.

  • What language are we speaking on Kadath? Depends! The tongue of the times is English, but universal translators are pretty available thanks to the occasional sci-fi bits. You're free to avoid snagging one though, prevalent though they may be, but even then other people with them will be able to adapt to your language and converse with you as normal.

  • Whose running Kadath's government? The Council forms the seat of government, with positions open for any and all oligarchs! They run the upper crust businesses of taxation, directing the Governmental Departments, making sure society isn't chaos. Three seats are guaranteed to the heads of each Department, with other seats open for other characters provided they have a 'specialty' like say 'Secretary of Treasury' or something. Functionally, they're all the same, but theres a bit of flavor to promote variety between the Council members.

  • Can I have my character join the Council? For any characters interested in these positions, keep in mind high ranking slots are under heavy scrutiny and we'd really like to see you active before you attempt to shoot for them. The same goes for higher ranking positions in the Departments, such as Captains, though to a much lesser extent.

  • What are all the Departments and how do they differ? The Military Guard run the military side of things, obviously. They're the beat cops, patrol officers and standing army, tasked with doing just about anything requiring someone strong to do. They also run emergency services, such as firefighting. The Intelligence Department is all about gathering information and investigations. They're the detectives, secret agents and bureaucrats, sometimes acting as mission control or partners for Military guys. They also work closely with R&D, sharing relevant information to help them in their research. R&D on the other hand is the least militarized department, being filled with science nerds. During a crime scene, these guys are forensics, but more often then not their tasked with trying to figure out whats bringing everyone to Kadath and how to fix it, as well as inventing technologies and methods to make life easier for everyone here. They also have a lot of overlap with Miskatonic Univeristy, with some science officers doubling as Miskatonic Professors!

  • That's cool and all, but how do I know which one to join? Join the Military Guard if your character is a rough and tumble fighter interested in justice and a good fight. Join the Intelligence Department if you're an investigative or sneaky sort who solves problems with your mind rather than your fists. Join R&D if you're a big nerd who likes math and stuff. Nerd.

  • Okay, different question. I know which one I want to join, but I don't know how: Well, the answer to that's pretty simple. All organizations and factions, including the governmental ones, will have their own write ups in the Group Plotter section. Additionally, if you're interested in making your own groups or sub factions, putting a write up in the group plotter section is a good way to start making sure people know about it!

  • The site looks great! But my character can only live with constant exposure to a very specific substance-- otherwise, they'll die! Can I still play them? Sure you can! But they'll be some drawbacks. For magical substances, have no fear! Things like particular breeds of mana (such as Blazblue's 'Seithr') are constantly present in Kadath's atmosphere thanks to discharge from the Endless Sea. If the problem is more biological though like, say, a volus character needing an environmental suit of a Kel-Dor character requiring particular gasses to function, that's also available but will likely be a strain on your character financially. You can definitely purchase substances like that en bulk from some of the markets around town or even from the Iron Works. For more unique substances, such as say, consuming stardust or unicorn's blood, never be afraid to ask-- chances are, it's probably manageable somewhere on Kadath!


  • Wait! Panfandom! THAT MEANS I CAN PLAY ANYTHING! Within reasons! While most characters from PLENTY of things are a-okay, characters from comedy series like Seinfeld, Spongebob, Family Guy or other fandoms that might not fit with the mood of New Game are not allowed! However, like all things with rp boards, there a possibility for situational exceptions. If you think your character might be one, don't be afraid to make your case-- just don't get mad when the staff denies your request to play one or more of the Wiggles.

  • The character I want to play is of Godly Power/Is a God/Is a Dragonball Z character/Will Level Kadath by blinking at it. Is that alright? Sort of, it's really a case-by-case basis with that. Some nerfing will definitely be instated if the staff thinks it's appropriate but for the most part, extremely powerful characters will be left as is-- but only if the admins believe they can trust you with them. Apping characters capable of leveling city blocks free should generally be done on a second character rather than a first one, but if you make a good app and the staff feels confident in your abilities to handle it, we'll let you through. Again, this varies from case to case and every character is a unique situation, especially in the case of godly characters, so please be sure to take it seriously and be responsible with your character!

  • Whats the big idea with a PLOT anyway? I don't see anything moving forward? Well, power to the players, right? To begin with, there aren't going to be any huge overarching plots! We of New Game really want most of this kind of thing coming from natural character interaction and player created content. So to begin with, no site plot!

  • And if no one does anything...? Well, then we start to get involved of course! We have several plots able to be run to shake things up if the site gets too stagnant and we definitely want to encourage activity in any way we can. Additionally, some of us staff types are right shifty individuals who might have a plot or two of their own they'd like to run. In the event of a drought of player created content, staff will definitely lead by example and start things-- but to start with, we'd really like to see players go out and start forging their own stories.

  • I don't want to do any big Earth shattering plots! I just want to develop my character through normal interaction! Hey, power to you for that! Not everyone is into a constant deluge of huge plots and that's totally fine; after all, as much as we like them, this site is more about characters developing than who can shoot the largest laser beam out of their eyes. That being said, stagnant characters are a problem and rp is about give and take so we encourage you to challenge yourself and your characters every so often! After all, maybe if your character doesn't have anywhere to develop, helping another one develop could be just as fun?

  • I want to kill my character! What happens there? You die! Fancy that! No, but, should you kill off your character, FOR NOW the rule is that as long as you're active on the site, that character is still technically 'yours' and will remain dead. This is likely to change as we get more staff to filter my crazy bad ideas, so stay tuned! Should you leave though, your character is open for anyone to snag.

  • I want to drop my character! How does the site deal with the consequences of my EXTREMELY IMPORTANT CHARACTER suddenly not being there anymore? Unfortunately, that plot is likely to be deleted. Your character wouldn't have been pulled in the first place, and those interactions should probably be erased unless your character was killed off! However, ultimately it's up to you and your fellow rpers as to handle how that'll change your character interactions/development. Keep eyes posted on this section to see if there are any rules changes, much like the above!

  • I want to run a plot! Great! New Game needs more plots! Go nuts!

  • I want to run a thread that will destroy half of Kadath! Whoa, slow down there buddy! While particularly big plots like this are DEFINITELY still kosher, they need a good bit of planning, conversations with the admins, some oversight and most importantly of all, for us to trust you. Definitely shoot for it! We don't mind catastrophe plots at all. But shit like that ought to definitely be done gradually and probably not right off the bat for a character of any size. Also, if Kadath is being destroyed weekly, that's a problem and we'll probably not let things like that happen too often; if they did, it'd stop being special!

  • I want to run a thread that will HEAVILY DAMAGE one particular area of the site. Bring it up with Admins first! People can generally rebuild shit in character and it might make for a cool news headline. There's bound to be plenty of destructive characters on the site and it'd be dumb to catalog everytime someone did something that breaks something else. Just give one of the staff heads up when you're doing something, be it in the chatbox over pm. It'll probably be fine, we'd just like to, well, know about it.

  • Can I play as an OC? Yes! However, your OC will go through a MUCH harder application process than a canon character, and it's not recommended for a first character. OCs from most works will also not generally be approved, no matter how cool your sonic recolor is. Exceptions include OCs from the 40k universe, which is a piece of media that actively encourages unique lore as part of its base game, and other such circumstances. These characters will still be given a more strict overview than a canon character though, so be sure to keep your profile up to snuff!

  • Can I start rping IMMEDIATELY? You sure can't! Gotta wait for your app to get approved!

  • But the staff is TERRIBLE and AWFUL and won't approve my character/haven't gotten to it yet! THEN LUCKY YOU KID, I'VE GOT A SOLUTION! Try giving the ICC a whirl! The ICC exists as a sort of semi-canon testing ground for characters that you can play in freely for a week before getting approved! Quick and rapid fire, if you're new here and wanna scratch your rp itch, give the ICC a whirl while you wait for a profile being approved. From there, you can meet and rp with the normal members of the site and get a taste for both your characters and theirs. However! You can only ICC with an unapproved character for THREE DAYS. After that, you'll need to get your profile approved before being able to ICC with them again.

  • I've got a GREAT idea for a new location on Kadath... Super! Drop us a suggestion sometime. When the time comes to add new locals to New Game, we'll keep yours as an idea in the running and may hold ballots as to which location/s are going to be included.

  • If there were two men on the moon and one killed the other with a rock, would that be fucked up or what? You're tellin' me brother!


  • I wanna change my avatar! How do I edit my settings? Under the banner, there is a link named "User CP." This will take you to your control panel for the account you are logged into. Under Personal Profile, select "Edit Avatar Settings." Here, you can upload a 250 x 450 for your main profile image. Under Personal Profile, "Edit Profile Info" is where you'll the place to link your smaller, hover image!

  • Do I need to register with an OOC account? Yes! We require our members to have a central OOC account, so register with that first! From there, you can link the rest of your toons via our subaccount feature!

  • What's the avatar size limit? Signature size limit? 250 x 450 for avatars! As for signatures, there's no set limit but do try to make them manageably sized, if you have them at all.
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